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  1. Yeah just the cover, it's just a pain in the balls being part of the carrier assembly and holding the cam in place on these later AUC engines. From existing experience the cam just wants to jump free as you remove the cover and I was hoping there may be a workaround to avoid all the fuss 🤷🏻‍♂️ As far as gearboxes are concerned the only contender I have found is the 02m but they all seem to be hydraulic clutch and cable shift. I gather these are not straight swap and need the shift cables and some pipework and a different clutch pedal setup. Got to be an easier option short of buying a GTi
  2. Looks like I have to take the top off the little 1.0 again. I have an oil leak from 2 points on the rocker cover. The usual one near the oil filler cap and another around the centre head bolt. Another timing belt kit and a set of new lifters this time me thinks. Anyone any experience of the ability of sorting this without the cam springing out of place?
  3. My mind is wandering towards an engine swap. This is dangerous territory as I'm well aware due to wiring issues and the like. Luckily for me I understand wiring to a high enough degree to splice looms if needed and have done a few conversions in the past. I just can't decide what to look at fitting .... I certainly don't feel that the car needs 200bhp. But it would be nice to have a bit more grunt. It's quick enough for what it is with the 1.0 MPI, certainly more capable of hauling itself around than it was before I had the head reworked. Main points are to keep it looking
  4. Photos I could find that were taken of the work as it was being done. The original cylinder head that was removed. Cylinder 1 valve in a bad way and the rest well on the way. Closer view of that cylinder 1 exhaust valve that sort of shows what happens as they burn out. It is no longer round either. This just shows the camshaft that had to have the bearing faces polished and the lovely skim job on the top face. Everything just about back together, complete with new water pump visible. The Circoli water pump has a metal impeller instead of the VW standard plasti
  5. Advice would be (if you have the ability) have the head at least checked. Get a compression test and a leakdown test done to be sure there are no valve or guide issues present. These engines really do have an amazing appetit for burning exhaust valves and wearing valve guides.
  6. If the lifters are really bad it will eventually chew up the cam and journals (bad as I believe the AUD is the same and incorporates the rocker cover as cam box). Lifters are about £50 a set new, I think I have 7 spare AUC ones you would be welcome to that are known good but require cleaning. That's if the lifters are the same on both engines. Pretty much would require some dirko sealer, lifters, timing belt, tensioners and water pump to sort it and well worth the job.
  7. 11 hours after starting the repair work and no workshop manual ..... It's done!!!! Unfortunately not really much in the lines of pictures but I did find out some interesting points and how awkward things can be if not done correctly. The 11 hours was spent outside on the driveway, cold, occasionally wet and now totally seized up because of arthritis 😆 First thing of note..... Check the brake servo hose from the manifold. Mine had a hole rubbed right through it and was causing a huge air leak (unknown to me) and registering a cylinder 3 misfire on my reworked cylinder head.
  8. This is my 1.0E Lupo....  I got this little car in October with the intention of using it as a stopgap car to see me through the winter. It certainly has got under my skin! Plagued with a constant idle speed misfire and wrongly diagnosed multiple times, I decided to do things properly and investigate fully as to the cause ..... This turned out to be an expensive journey that we are about at the end of. Firstly I decided to grab a spares car, simply for its engine and a couple of other bits as it also had an AUC 1.0mpi in it that seemingly ran flawlessly. I had no
  9. Finally got a leakdown test done. We suspect that cylinder 1 exhaust valve is burned out as losing 78% of pressure ..... Only a VW would still run 😆 Repair is on the cards as soon as I can sort out required tools and costs involved 👍🏻
  10. I certainly have yes. Dry test was 124psi, wet test was 177psi. Also to note that left on the tester, it lost no pressure. Misfire seems to be there at idle and up to 1100rpm and then it's brill
  11. Recently got myself a 2004 Lupo 1.0mpi E. It has an engine issue that is driving me a bit nuts so as part of the process I have decided to join Club Lupo. I appear to have an intermittent misfire on cylinder 1. Believe this to be caused by the compression being 124psi on that cylinder instead of the 177psi on the other 3. Have a really good coil pack fitted and new leads to rule that out as cylinder 4 kept misfiring (now fixed that issue) but the low compression and misfire on cylinder 1 remains. The car doesn't smoke, doesn't consume any oil or coolant and otherwise drive
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