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  1. Car has been sold. It ended up not being used so off it went to a new owner
  2. The head before it went on the car.... As it was when it came off the car .... And during reassemble as you can see a new water pump in the depths. Just to show that it has been done as I have a tendency to not keep reciepts. All the machining work was done at Foxwood Diesel in Chesterfield (just about the best machine shop round here for refacing heads). May have some receipts for some of the work that has been done since October last year when I got the car. However it owes me almost £1400 to date. I'm really not in a rush to sell as it mainly sh
  3. Volkswagon Lupo 1.0 E MOT: July 15th 2021 Engine size: 1.0 mpi AUC Fuel type: petrol This is my Lupo 1.0 E for sale. Its currently sat on J.O.M blueline coilovers at 3.5inch front ground clearance and Nankang NS-2R Road legal track tyres (handles much better than original setup). December 2020 saw the cylinder head removed and skimmed/pressure tested. All the valves were replaced as it had burned out a couple of the exhaust valves. At the same time it had all 8 valve guides replaced and the valves were triple cut on the seats just because I could. The camshaft ha
  4. I have a suspect n/s driveshaft issue on my very low 1.0. I get a very rhythmic thumping that is 100% rotational. If I had to guess I would say mine is the inner joint. The box will be coming out while it's hibernating and be replaced with a reconditioned unit. At that point the driveshafts will be changed too. Should put an end to it making noises. The only way you can tell what bit has failed is to check for play in the joints, removal of the driveshaft is easy as pie so shouldn't cause headaches .... unless the cup has come loose from the gearbox of course.
  5. I have thrown this into dry storage. I will come back to it when I have a little more enthusiasm to do a bit more. May even take it out once a month or so. Thought about selling it, can't bring myself to do it.... so in the dry it goes until I figure something out or maybe pass it on to my kids when they are old enough. Who knows.
  6. Lupo production finished in 2005. You may find an early 2006 plate late registered car but it is highly unlikely they would be selling a 2007 lupo .... 2 years after production ended. Also the fsi 1.4 is the only petrol engine in the Lupo that isn't E10 friendly
  7. If you want cheap to maintain I would say lupo, aygo mk1, 107 or C1. The aygo, C1 and 107 are £20 Road tax and they don't drive so bad .... also faster and quieter than the Lupo 1.0 Lupo has character though and I wouldn't have a mini given me. Try getting someone to change a clutch or sort out the gearbox when it starts thinking it's a cabbage lol
  8. I like the car don't get me wrong. I just don't seem to be feeling the love right now. Maybe it's lockdown getting me down with it. Not being able to get it out on the open road all that often and only using it for my carers duties is probably what's knocking all the fun out of it. Only done 2800 miles in 4 months and I usually rack up 12k annually. I don't think I would be able to bring myself to sell it, I would love to be able to pass it on to one of my kids when they hit driving age in 8 years.... he loves the Lupo and got really angry when he thought I might sell it lol
  9. I happen to have a set on my breaker 2003 1.0 shell. They look corroded in places but they didn't leak as far as I recall. Would they be of any use?
  10. Some more up to date pictures of how the car sits. Just because! I'm unfortunately starting to get bored. Nothing wrong with the car. It's actually very good at being an car. Just it seems to be missing whatever it was that my old C200 w202 had that made me keep it for over a year. However being £1300 into this car, a sale is unlikely to provide me what it owes. It will possibly be replaced around July when the MoT expires and then get covered up and forgotten for a few years. Such is life I suppose 🙄
  11. I have the new bottom arms fitted and new drop links. It's made a difference but I need the alignment done now. Major improvements over the ones I took off and now it bloody creaks 🤣 I no longer care that it has only 50hp as I can use all of it around roundabouts and on twisty roads now. Especially with the 185/60/13 ns2-r tyres! It's hilarious when people in fiestas and corsas try to outrun me in corners now hahaha
  12. Thanks for the advice there. Appreciated 👍
  13. How big of a job would you say the bushes at the rear are? I have had to do mondeo mk3 and zafira ones before and they were a bit of a task
  14. I already have a pair of temporary new bottom arms (they were cheap and will be getting poly bushes ASAP). Previous owner fitted all new rear brakes and cylinders by the looks of it and they are in great shape. Plan is some ebc yellow pads and matching discs up front because the standard items are lacking for want of a better phrase. Interested as to if the GTi are is a straight swap or not because the front end could do with a bit more torsional stability for my preference. Top mounts also looked in really good shape but they could be original items. This is how the ca
  15. Decided to shelve the idea for the moment of an engine swap. Instead I am intent on making this car as fun as possible in the handling department. With the coilovers it's absolutely hilarious on the B roads. However, the tiny 175/65 13's have all the grip characteristics of fresh Teflon. So I have ordered a set of Nankang NS-2r tyres. These are a semi slick hard compound road legal race/track tyre. They come in 185/60 13 so will fit on my standard 5.5j steels perfectly .... keeps it nice and hidden at a quick glance. Does anyone have recommendations for better top mounts and
  16. Took ages to set the front ride height to a point where it doesn't catch everything yet still handles nicely ..... Unfortunately the local council likes to prove me wrong .... After hitting that dinky pothole and thinking "wtf happened? Has a wheel fell off?" .... I got a souvenir 🤣 Still weighing up whether to put a nice set of ATS cups on or use a set of silver standard rims with centre caps. Loving this little car, but I am taking a cautiously minimal approach to mods as less is more sometimes.
  17. R50 mini wheels centre bore is too small if I remember correctly.
  18. Wish I had seen earlier have a cat in the shed from a 1.0 looks the same
  19. Coilovers added .... Replacement wheels booked for refurb march 1st. Used JOM blueline units and the ride is really quite impressive to be honest. Can't say I would want to spend the extra on AP or KW as all three are Chinese parts and assembled elsewhere.
  20. Yeah just the cover, it's just a pain in the balls being part of the carrier assembly and holding the cam in place on these later AUC engines. From existing experience the cam just wants to jump free as you remove the cover and I was hoping there may be a workaround to avoid all the fuss 🤷🏻‍♂️ As far as gearboxes are concerned the only contender I have found is the 02m but they all seem to be hydraulic clutch and cable shift. I gather these are not straight swap and need the shift cables and some pipework and a different clutch pedal setup. Got to be an easier option short of buying a GTi
  21. Looks like I have to take the top off the little 1.0 again. I have an oil leak from 2 points on the rocker cover. The usual one near the oil filler cap and another around the centre head bolt. Another timing belt kit and a set of new lifters this time me thinks. Anyone any experience of the ability of sorting this without the cam springing out of place?
  22. My mind is wandering towards an engine swap. This is dangerous territory as I'm well aware due to wiring issues and the like. Luckily for me I understand wiring to a high enough degree to splice looms if needed and have done a few conversions in the past. I just can't decide what to look at fitting .... I certainly don't feel that the car needs 200bhp. But it would be nice to have a bit more grunt. It's quick enough for what it is with the 1.0 MPI, certainly more capable of hauling itself around than it was before I had the head reworked. Main points are to keep it looking
  23. Photos I could find that were taken of the work as it was being done. The original cylinder head that was removed. Cylinder 1 valve in a bad way and the rest well on the way. Closer view of that cylinder 1 exhaust valve that sort of shows what happens as they burn out. It is no longer round either. This just shows the camshaft that had to have the bearing faces polished and the lovely skim job on the top face. Everything just about back together, complete with new water pump visible. The Circoli water pump has a metal impeller instead of the VW standard plasti
  24. Advice would be (if you have the ability) have the head at least checked. Get a compression test and a leakdown test done to be sure there are no valve or guide issues present. These engines really do have an amazing appetit for burning exhaust valves and wearing valve guides.
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