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Everyone with a Lupo or Arosa... Important door strap info.

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Ever since @bernd highlighted a problem on his door stap mounting point (it cracked and is pretty much not repairable- see this thread https://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php?/topic/106696-after-the-longest-wait-i-bought-a-lupo-gti-hurrah/page/2/ ), I have found it on almost every Lupo/Arosa I've checked. Chances are your's is about to fail. Worth a quick look.

Anyway, there's a nut which is spot welded to the lower part of the mounting which breaks and falls off. The check strap carries on working, so you'd never notice the problem. The trouble is that the bolt connecting to the swivel part of the strap is now only anchored at the top, so the top part flexes (too much) and then cracks. The original Vdub idea I think is that the bolt is held rigid in place by the two threaded parts. The bolt must not move at all.

I've checked my Lupos, and 2 of them had this problem. So I went to a breakers yesterday to get a couple of new bolts (the movement also grinds away the thread). Shock horror, at the breakers yard- all the lupos and Arosas had the exact same problem. Holy cow.

It's a pain to fix, but here's some pics of what I mean. You can see that the lower nut was completely gone. It's a tiny little thing with so much stress on it. No wonder they fail. You can't just replace it with a simple bolt because the top hole is 2mm bigger than the lower one, which causes a side stress, which is why they crack.








I had to mask everything so welding splatter didn't destroy everything. But I hope my two small tack welds onto that tiny nut hold. Not a simple quick fix...

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added pics
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Fancy doing a video showing what we're looking for? I'm trying work out where.

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On 11/14/2020 at 9:12 PM, Skezza said:

Fancy doing a video showing what we're looking for? I'm trying work out where.

It's the bit that the door strap bolts into, on the lower part of the 'A' pillar. Between the two door hinges. Both doors.

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