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Anyone got pics of a big dog in back of a lupo?


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Looking at getting a couple of greyhounds... I'll probably weld up some sort of strong frame that'll fit behind the front seats and lock into place somehow. And then make some sort of tray that'll fit over the folded seats.

So I guess, the question is what have you done with your big dog in the back of a Lupo? Does it work?

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Yeah, rescues. I was thinking of leaving the back seats folded down and raising the boot floor. Putting props or rails or something under the false floor i need to make. Haven't figured out how to lock in the steel cage yet. Good idea using the seat belt mounts. Just in case of puncture, spare wheel access. Has to be removable in 3 mins which is my patience threshold...

Pic of friend's hound test fit in Lupo no.1


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Good stuff taking in rescue greyhounds - such a shame so many are got rid off once they get too old or just no good at racing

In case of accidental leaks and also improved headroom for the hounds to stand and hold their head up - I would still take the seats out - you could get the floor level just below the the hatch sill.

I used to work with a guy who took in rescue alsatians - last count was 11 - he had a transit specifically for taking them for walks!

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I used to put the back seat down and chuck Ghillie, a 37kg Flatcoated retriever in the back, and go on camping road trips.


Alas she is no longer with us.

I have one of the generic adjustable dog guards that I put behind the rear seats so she couldn't annoy me too much. I found it best to remove the base of the rear seats.

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