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GTI Upgrades

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18 minutes ago, LR5V said:

Oh dear - the rot has set in!


3L wishbones?


Do they fit with the standard crossmember or do you need the 3L one as well?




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Idiot fingers....

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19 minutes ago, LR5V said:

Afraid not - these are alloy TT arms for my Mk5 daily, only a few posts ago I wasnt planning to make any changes

Famous last words to utter to one’s self if you are remotely into cars

”I’m keeping it standard....”


:D :) 


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On 10/20/2019 at 11:42 AM, LR5V said:


Mk5 Gti 2.0 DSG - 86k miles, fully stamped up service book, with the DSG box serviced 5k miles ago. Really high spec, even has a sunroof that apparently is rare 

Unfortunately it wasn't being used often enough, I am having some binding brake issues. Sadly the 18" monza's are reps. It has a 3" cat back stainless exhaust that is non-resonated - the pops & crackles are nice, especially with the GSG box, but its too noisy, it just drones on the motorway, so its booked in to get it changed to resonated. Only cosmetic issue is a crusty hatch - I picked up a really good replacement in the same Graphite blue - the colour is lovely...however in the rain it is the same colour as wet tarmac!



Small world - you bought my friends mk5 GTI. If I didn't have one already, I would have bought it. My dad bought one new in 2006 in Blue Graphite and its such a nice colour! I hope you enjoy it.

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Here are some pics I took of it earlier in the year with my mk2:






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