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Odd Temp Sensor Fault

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03 GTI, temp sensor has no faults stored, but the gauge on the dash shows the temperature in between 70 and 90, its always sat on 90 or just a smidge below. I changed the temp sensor at the weekend, still does the same. Car runs fine, heater gets hot, thermostat opens as both pipes get hot, fan cuts in when its supposed to, coolant all fine too and up to VW spec. Any ideas?


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No faults with the sensor. I used the Offboard diagnostics stuff we have here at work (main VW dealership) and didn't have any faults with the sensor. I asked the techs here what their thoughts were, and they suggested the sensor, which is what I thought too. Tested it Saturday up to temperature, both pipes got hot so thermostat is opening, and the fan came on, sensor showed 90 degrees without driving it. Soon as I drove it home, temp gauge dropped to between 70 & 90. Like I said, the car runs fine, so I must have a massively efficient radiator!

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The thermostat has failed in the 'open' position (They're designed to fail this way), seen this on a few of mine.

Change the thermostat and I'll bet you the problem stops and the car will sit and stay at a steady 90 once up to running temperature ;)

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Thinking about it, that makes sense, though I'm glad its stuck open rather than closed as my 6N polo did!

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