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  2. Yes, I agree and sad I can’t complete it. My A3 Show Car is taking all of my time at the minute and my daily A4 B5 TQS. The Lupo is such a great little car, but something has to go 😥
  3. Sadly I have listed this for sale in the “FOR SALE” section. Too many projects on the go and it’s getting neglected. Doesn’t need much to finish this terrific solid car. Will be a great car to someone with a great history behind it. Feel free to message or enquire, happy to help with anything 🙂
  4. 1999 VW LUPO 1.4 16V *PRESS CAR* MOT 2021 5 speed manual Electric windows Air conditioning Heated front seats Pop out rear windows Three seated rear bench Alloy wheels 15s Many of these are RARE to find in a Lupo. PROJECT PRESS CAR GOOGLE REG - T62 DBW to see History. Anyone fancy finishing this ? Bought to restore to Original condition, but too many projects on the go so one needs to go 😩 As stated PRESS CAR, this was released by VW to TOP GEAR MAGAZINE and was used to feature the emergence of the Lupo. Also was a feature in VW AUDI DRIVER MAGAZINE, I have copies of the magazines to prove. Came with all the extras:- Electric Windows, Air Conditioning, Heated Seats, Three Seater Rear Bench, POP-Out Windows. Great little car and has MOT until 2021. Car is absolutely solid underneath, no welding done or needed. Paint is a little tired and faded in parts and has a few battle scars but nothing major. Car has been fitted with a large bore stainless system that sounds fantastic. Car needs a few minor bits to complete, it came on Bike carbs but is now back to throttle body and inlet. I have a spare engine too and a set of wheels that can be purchased for a small amount. I still have the carb set up and lowering springs that can be included at the right price. £1500 takes everything Lupo related that I have ! Manchester M27 M60 Junction 16 Swinton A666
  5. MOT Day..........................
  6. Managed to obtain a copy of Top Gear Magazine, with the article inside................
  7. Managed to obtain a copy of Top Gear Magazine, with the article inside.............
  8. HELLO, I am the New Owner of one of the "Press Cars" this one being T62 DBW. I have been a VW owner for the last 32 years approximately, so be assured its in safe hands 😉 It has been adulterated a little, so the plan is to get it back, or as close to OEM as i can. Currently it is running Yamaha R1 Bike Carbs, sits low on aftermarket alloys. So, a little work needs to be done to get it there. Any info anyone has on this car and where it has been over the last 20 years would be great. I have managed to track down a couple of previous owners and am in the process of putting a portfolio together, with Magazine copies as back up. Also hoping to make a few shows next year, so come say HELLO. LET THE GAMES BEGIN......................................
  9. Currently SORN, so have no idea
  10. As soon as i am able, and for now........................ My journey home.
  11. Hello, I have a 1.4 16v on R1 Bike carbs and want to put an inlet back on. I've heard about the 1.6 16v unit being a direct fit ? from which engine will i need to source the parts and what will i need ?? Engine code and list of parts would be ideal. THANKS
  12. Just a little update.................. 3.3 T62 DBW is now in my posession 😉
  13. So potentially will work ? Maybe an option for me down the line then. Anyone done this ??
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