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GTi starter motor, centre caps, callipers, mats, steel wheels, boot floor protector

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Used GTi starter motor (Please note this has a spade terminal NOT a VW connector) £15





Set of four used GTi front and rear callipers £100








Set four used Bathurst centre caps (Please note these all have either broken OR missing lugs OR missing spring clips, but did stay attached to a set of wheels during a recent 1000 mile round trip) £25



Used ABS pump for reconditioning/remanufacture £15






Set four new carpet mats, grey with red detail, PLEASE NOTE these measure 38cm centre to centre on the mounting holes £15


Set four used BMW Mini steel wheels with centre caps (4x100 PCD, 57mm centre bore, 5  1/2j x 15, ET40) £80





Used Volkswagen Individual single CD radio head unit, MP3 compatible (Becker BE7899) with harness, aerial adapter, original instruction manual and code/serial number card as shown, not a common unit in the UK. £80

Please note- the instruction manual is in German!






1 x Used genuine VW coolant temperature sensor, p/n. 059 919 501 A,  approx. six months use- replaced as had to have complete thermostat with housing last week which came fitted with a new sensor, and I don't want to throw this one away. ****Will swap this item only for a normal sized bag of Haribo Tangfastics (NO JOKE!) BUT MUST BE COLLECTED!****






[details to follow shortly]





All parts are located near Gatwick and are strictly CASH ON COLLECTION unless otherwise stated.






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18 minutes ago, Rich said:

what's the cd player like lit up?

Good morning Rich,

It lights up fine, although some of the digits are a bit faded as it were.

I will try and get some photos of it powered up next Tuesday when my breather tank is being fitted.

It does plug straight into the Lupo loom, however you would need to use/adapt the harness supplied to allow the car to function correctly- I plugged it straight into my GTi and discovered shortly after that it threw the alarm out and messed up the key coding....??

Hopes this helps you or anyone else reading,


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On 02/02/2017 at 11:29 AM, Rich said:

what's the cd player like lit up?

OEM blue @Rich it's what I have in my GTI.


Good sound, but the digital display fades/breaks up in heat. This is a common fault with Becker units from the era. BMW/Merc forums are full of it.

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For information purposes, the below picture is what the loom plug that attaches to the starter motor should look like:


And here is a close up shot of the fixing holes and carpet mat retainers that the mats have:


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12 minutes ago, mk2 said:

Cargo tray still available? Been looking for an original one... Pm me :)

Good evening mk2,

Yes the cargo tray is still available, it came from my local VW dealer and still has the VW stickers on the plastic wrapper complete with some genuine VW UK warehouse dust on it I think....:D

Just to clarify for yourself and anyone else reading this- this boot/cargo tray or whatever you want to call it, is a used item and looks like it is some sort of foam-like construction and I wanted to keep it in as good as condition as I could when I bought it, so I left it in it's wrapperB)

Hope this helps,



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Good evening all interested parties:D

Just another clarification for everyone and in case I have not mentioned it in my initial post- all the parts are advertised on a "strictly first come/first served/first with the cash" basis as I think that it is fairest this wayB)

At the time of writing this post, NO ONE has pm'd. me privately to say that they definately want any particular part.

So I will leave it up to you peeps as to who is having this foamy boot protector whatsit thingy....;)

@mk2 Do you want the boot tray?

If so, please would you kindly pm. me to confirm collection details etc.

Thank you for your interest,


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Good afternoon everyone,

Polite notice to all interested parties, please read:

All parts advertised are STRICTLY CASH ON COLLECTION IN PERSON at this time- this is due to accomodation and workplace restrictions, and having been on the receiving end of very poor customer service from most of the major courier services recently....:angry::(

Appologies for any inconvenience caused.

Thankyou for reading,



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9 hours ago, Nadeem said:

Rear callipers still available? If so please email me on nadeemaashraf@gmail.com 

Good morning Nadeem,

The rear callipers are still for sale, they come as a full set of four with the front callipers.

Strictly cash on collection in person only from near Gatwick.

Kind regards,



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