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  1. hi, i am after a lupo gti tailgate, i am based in Lancashire so the closer the better. Please PM if you have anything cheers
  2. cheers pal just ordered them
  3. Which ones should i go for :- Osram Xenarc D2S Philips D2S Xenon Have you got the link please ?
  4. I have replaced the bulb before, i made sure that the battery was disconnected and the lights were left to discharge for about an hour
  5. Are this the correct ones? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/OSRAM-D2S-NIGHTBREAKER-UNLIMITED-HID-VW-LUPO-6X1-6E1-1-6-GTI-09-00-07-05-/161176280071?pt=UK_CarsParts_Vehicles_CarParts_SM&hash=item2586dadc07
  6. Hi, Happy New Year!!!! Does anybody know where i can buy the xenon headlight bulbs from? My drivers side one just flickers then goes off Cheers
  7. Cheers, i think / hope its the o ring number 7
  8. Hi Guys, My lupo GTi is leaking water and i think its leaking from this (photo below). does anybody know what this part is??? its located just below the inlet manifold
  9. Also just noticed that all the paint is coming off the N/S Brake must be getting to hot
  10. Hi, When I'm braking and coming to a stop the abs kicks in, then when setting off the front n/s brake sticks on and then releases ? I've stripped the brakes down cleaned them. The only thing I can think of is the abs sensor but would this make the n/s front brake stick? Cheers
  11. there's a bit of white smoke on start up, but i fort that was normal on the GTi's
  12. Pressure test first then I think, if the expansion tank wasn't holding presure would the car still get up to normal running temperature???
  13. If the expansion tank was on its way out what problems would this cause??????
  14. Hi, My lupo GTi seems to be using alot of water, its not leaking anywhere and the temperture gauge seems ok never goes over 90, and the heaters work fine. At first i fort the head gasket but its using it that fast i fort it could be down to the expansion tank????? ive checked the oil and theirs no water in there. Anybody ever had this problem before? cheers
  15. Hi All, I've heard people saying they have modified the gearbox mount on the GTi's, i was after alittle help on how to do this please. Also what are the beneifits of doing this mod? cheers Paul
  16. Fixed hopefully, New coilpacks fitted, but after reading into what other people have said who had the same problem basically the coilpacks sort the problem out for about a week and then it goes back to misfiring hopefully this won't happen. Did a compression test and got 189psi (cyl 1), 200 psi (cyl 2) and 194 psi (cyl 3) so that to me seems good?
  17. If a piston ring had gone would it be burning oil / blue smoking?
  18. I've changed the plugs and also had a fault code come up P0302 Misfire Cyl 2, I've just ordered a set of coilpacks from TPS
  19. Hi I've got another related polo question, I know this isn't the the polo forum but I find that I get a better response on here. My sisters polo 1.2 2002 with 66,000 miles as decided to start misfiring, it doesn't cut but gets to a point were its about to. I've included a link with a person who had the same problem, of which he seemed to solve but not sure how he did this. http://www.justanswer.com/uk-car/6v1fa-vw-polo-1-2-2005-55-plate-cyl-keeps-misfiring-intermittently-bringing.html As anyone come across this problem before? I believe the polos have a common fault with these engines. Any ad
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