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How to set up the right camber angle (non gti)

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Ever since getting my SDI 6 months ago, I've been plagued with tramlining and tracking problems. I've changed tyres, bearings, brakes, messed with tyre pressures and have finally worked out the right way... With spirit levels and straight edges, I've managed to get the tyre wear to almost nothing over 1000 miles, and the handling is now superb.

When re assembling the lower ball joint to the lower track arm with the three bolts loose, push the hub carrier towards the centre of the car, and while keeping the pressure on, tighten up the three bolts. This keeps the lower edge of the wheel rim as close in as you can get it.

Then to get the camber right, loosen off the two 18mm strut to hub carrier bolts, and pull firmly outwards. While keeping the tension (pulling outwards), tighten them back up again. This will result in a camber angle of exactly -0.6 degrees, which is almost vertical. I read somewhere that its meant to be between -0.2 and -0.8 degrees. The '-' means that the top of the rim should be 'leaning' in towards the car, with the wheels straight ahead.

To get the tracking just right, toe in has been suggested. Nonsense. After much experimentation, I've found toe out to be best for handling and tyre wear. The angle I got to be 'perfect' is about 0.2 degrees each side. This is assuming that the rest of the running gear is ok... Decent bearings, decent rubber bushes and good strut bearings.

Hope this helps!

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Running completely standard height, although I will be lowering at some point...

Michellin energy saver plus 185/55r14 with standard 6 spoke alloy rims. I will never ever go cheap on tyres.

basically everything is factory.

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Amazingly helpful!

Just used it after doing top mount bushes and bearings. 

Is this posted in the how to section? 

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