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  1. Check the level of the hydraulic fluid. To check, unplug the pump unit electrically. Undo the accumulator half a turn with a 24mm spanner. Then tighten up the accumulator then check the level in the reservoir. It should be within the rectangle on the side of the reservoir. Top up with VW steering fluid. Then reconnect the pump module. If you have a leak somewhere, sort it out otherwise the problem will re-occur. You have to be proactive will 3L maintenance. RAB
  2. The potentiometer on your clutch actuator is failing. Best option would be to remove the electrical part of the actuator and send it to Malmank on the German forum (a2-freun.de). He will replace the potentiometer with a Hall Effect sensor, which is a non-wearing part and cheaper than a new actuator. English is OK, email him first. 00262 is indicative that solenoid 3 (N90) is faulty. That's probably one of the solenoids on the gearbox actuator. Once you've made these repairs, do a full scan with VCDS and post it on here. RAB
  3. To anyone wondering, LeatherTan's Lupo 3L is my old one! He knows that now! I sold it on to a VW/Audi specialist but they sold it on to someone else because they could not cure a smokey exhaust. The new owner then complained to me that fuel was diluting the engine oil. He then sold it to LT. LT or his mechanic found the problem: the connection to the injector loom had rubbed up against something and rubbed away all the insulation, even though this connection is covered by conduit! Well done LT and his mechanic. RAB
  4. Still got one! Not for much longer though as it will be up for sale soon. RAB
  5. On better forums you get an email when your attention is required! RAB
  6. RTFM 12 is usually caused by not adjusting the actuator as advised, during the basic setting. Perhaps that's what you found? RAB
  7. Electric lift pumps were only fitted to early Audi A2 TDis, according to 7zap. Our 1999 Lupo 3L doesn't have one for sure. So the tandem pump is the lift pump, not the high pressure pump. The high pressure pump is the injector itself. RAB
  8. Come on, come on! The tandem pump is mechanical, mounted on the end of the camshaft. Early TDis also had an electrical lift pump as well as a tandem pump. RAB
  9. Lupo 3L's in 2000 didn't have the option of power steering. It didn't appear as an option until 2002 or 2003. So what do you have? RAB
  10. I would very much doubt that the blue smoke is due to wear. I did have a similar problem before I sold the car and solved it by replacing the head gasket. Maybe the same problem has returned. When I delivered the car to WOM Automotive it was working perfectly. First thing to do would be a compression test. Make sure that you use the correct adaptor for the glowplug thread - if it's too long it will strip the thread. The previous owner was of the opinion that diesel was diluting the engine oil. If it was entering via the injectors, you would have a lot of black smoke. The only other possibility is from the tandem pump, if that's possible. RAB
  11. Since NOx emissions increase by about 40x when the EGR is bypassed/deleted, you don't need a sensitive, expensive and unreliable analyser such as chemiluminesence; you can use much cheaper IR analysers. There's just one simple valve for EGR; all you have to do is keep the inlet manifold clean which can be done when the VNT mechanism is cleaned. Newer cars are more reliable because they are newer! They are more complicated. Electric is the answer. My last 3L will be sold this year! RAB
  12. Don't do it! You'll invalidate your insurance and increase and increase your NOx emissions by about 40x! For that reason, you'll soon have to reverse your illegal modification: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/future-of-transport-regulatory-review-modernising-vehicle-standards/future-of-transport-regulatory-review-modernising-vehicle-standards RAB
  13. There shouldn't be any crud directly under the filter, only at the sides, so how does it enter the outlet? The filter is only intended to filter out fine particles which should be retained by the filter. Anything else should stay in the sump. That's why you should always remove oil by removing the sump plug, not (as VW do) by pumping it out. RAB
  14. Yes! You can't do that on the road. If the clutch reading changes over a few hours, it's the clutch guide sleeve as well. RAB
  15. Clutch actuators are consumable items; don't buy a used one! Might be an idea to do a FULL basic setting, rather than missing out an important part, i.e. ADJUST. RAB
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