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  1. Is there enough hydraulic oil in the reservoir? To check, unplug the hydraulic unit electrically and release the accumulator half a turn. Remove the green cap from the reservoir and fill with VW steering hydraulic oil so that the level is within the rectangle. If you have had to top it up, find the leak and repair. Replace the cap and tighten the accumulator. Reconnect electrically. If that doesn't cure the problem, replace the accumulator. Also give the transmission a basic setting if you don't know when this was last done. RAB
  2. It works in exactly the same way as a freewheel on a bicycle, i.e. no sudden load on the belt or anything else. When engine speed reduces, the alternator slows down more slowly until it matches the engine speed. The pulley also absorbs crankshaft pulsations. RAB
  3. 2.1v suggests that the clutch is not closing completely, so you have a problem with either the sleeve or release bearing or both. The cure is the same for both. While you are at it, it would also be sensible to replace the clutch plate. RAB
  4. What I can be sure of is that you don't have any kids! https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2020/nov/30/landmark-inquest-to-rule-if-air-pollution-killed-london-pupil Removing EGR increases your NOx levels by at least 40x. RAB
  5. Already answered: https://www.a2oc.net/community/index.php?threads/1-2tdi-3l-transmission-problems.45281/ A "How To" on what? There are many causes of gearbox problems, a major one being lack of proactive maintenance! For this one, it's probably a sensor pot failure which is not very common. RAB
  6. Are you kidding? It will increase your NOx emissions many, many times! That's the reason for EGR! https://www.newscientist.com/article/dn28245-nitrogen-oxide-is-not-so-harmless-and-could-damage-human-health/?promCode=13454,13455&packageCodes=TAP&offerCode=Q,6M&dsa=true&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIyqes4fW44wIVTLTtCh1NeQ7-EAMYASAAEgK7z_D_BwE https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/may/15/diesel-emissions-test-scandal-causes-38000-early-deaths-year-study You'll also void your insurance because the car will no longer comply with its' exhaust emissions. RAB
  7. Transmission fault codes here: https://workshop-manuals.com/audi/a2/power_transmission/5-speed_manual_gearbox_085_ds_self-diagnosis/self_diagnosis_v.a.g_inspection_service/interrogating_fault_memory/fault_tables/ Could be just a loose connection, especially if you don't have a 01605. RAB
  8. The other issue is that the ANY/AYZ has a specific clutch plate. Was the correct clutch plate installed? The clutch plates splines should also be greased. RAB
  9. You can monitor the position of the clutch with the voltage reading from the clutch actuator potentiometer, block 14, position 4. In D, the voltage should be about 1.90v and 4v when you press the brake pedal (clutch open). When you release the brake, the 1.9v value should be reached after about 1 sec., driven only by the clutch springing. If it takes 90 secs then it's gearbox out, I'm afraid. RAB
  10. No, there's no access to the clutch via the starter. It's just a normal clutch that's actuated by other means. If it's the guide sleeve, then it's gearbox out. It's always a good idea to change the guide sleeve when you remove the gearbox. It's a cheap part but only if you change it! Another thing you should do is make sure that the rubber plug at the top of the bell housing is in place. RAB
  11. Here's who I would recommend: https://womautomotive.co.uk/ Near Stoke, they maintain a few A2 1.2Tdi's. They are one of only two garages in the UK where I would take a 1.2Tdi for transmission repairs. The other is Caffyns in Eastbourne; only one of their technicians is allowed to work on our cars. He trained himself on them! RAB
  12. 01604 is a code for G239, one of the potentiometers on the gear actuator. I would recommend that you take your car here if you want it sorted: https://womautomotive.co.uk/ RAB
  13. When you disconnect the hydraulic unit, the voltage should drop immediately, not take 90 secs. I can't read your file but you certainly have a problem with the clutch. Did your garage install a new guide sleeve? For the gear actuator adaption, is the gear lever in the tiptronic position? The car won't start until you have succeeded with a basic setting. I also suspect that you have a failed brake switch. RAB
  14. Is your brake switch working? The engine won't start in S if it's not, but will start in N. RAB
  15. Is the gearbox actuator connected correctly to the wiring loom? The actuator has four connectors and two different connector types, so there are four possible combinations. The connectors have their own loom but your garage may not have known that. Otherwise the car needs a transmission basic setting, the procedure is here: http://wiki.ross-tech.com/wiki/index.php/5-Speed_Electronic_Manual_Transmission_(085) Follow the procedure to the letter! RAB
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