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Found 130 results

  1. _mk1_arosa


    I'm in abit of a pickle I'm currently undergoing loads of research on doing a 1.8t conversion in my 1.4 arosa MK1 but havent found anything to really help me as seem to be done all on lupos I know there pretty much the same has anyone here done his conversion themselves I know that I need: shorter L/H driveshaft with 100mm inner Standard R/H driveshaft with 100mm inner Bigger breaks probably from gti lupo Smaller engine fan Conversion engine and gearbox mount (found someone who sells them on eBay for £250) Wiring loom needs either changing or soldering engine bay side idk what way is easiest (idk what the fxck I'm doing with the loom all help will be greatly appreciated) Pedal box for throttle as 1.8t are fly by wire Different clutch pedal What Im not sure about Do I use the same fuel pump? Do I need to cut the chassis ? Do I need to weld anything ? What do I do about exhaust is that something I'm going to have to get custom made ? What do I do about the immobilizer from the 1.8t engine, do I need to change key barrel etc ? If I have missed anything or got anything wrong please let me know as don't want to come into any problems during my conversion Thanks for reading All help will be greatly appreciated Tyler.
  2. Ncatlupo

    Selling ragtop lupo

    Hiya, I’m trying to sell my lupo... I love her but she’s poorly and due to personal reasons... I can’t afford to fix her and thanks to an ex, I don’t feel safe in her anymore.... she failed the mot as she has engine faults but I really just need some help... she has sentimental value to me so the fact I’m having to do this is heartbreaking but I’ve got no other option... these photos are of when I first got her, she’s been cleaned and had stuff done to her since including a new gearbox plus other things... help...
  3. lupotom321

    Camber help!

    Hello I really want camber on rear and I've heard you can do it with washers? Can someone tell me how to or post a link where it says how? Cheers Tom
  4. Danslupo


    I just picked up my first VW Lupo. I'm going to use it as a bit of a project, as it needs some love and attention thanks to the previous owner treating it like a bin!!! Anyway, it seems to drive fine but bodywork has some touches rust and chopped paint. Biggest pain is the roof gutter metal trim has popped up at the front of the car and I can't seem to push it back in! I've stuck it down with gaffa tape for now!!!! Can I slide it out and refit. There is some of the dreaded rust but it looks like it had work done previous (watchdog!!!) and I wanted to take them out and clean up and grease. Any advice would be welcome!! I'm a newbie at this, so sorry if I'm sounding clueless!!!
  5. reececrabb

    Driver door won’t close

    Went to drive to college earlier today and once I got In the car I tried to close the door and the door flung back open and won’t close it seems it’s not latching on for some reason and there is a rattle on the inside of my door when I try and close it and was wondering if this is common and if there is a fix for it. the door locks but I have to hold it closed and lock the door can anyone help ???
  6. Hi there! Just got my first Lupo (1.4, 16v, black, open air) a couple of months back, and I love it to pieces. Aside from wanting to find other lupo owners that love their cars as much as I do, I'm also looking for some advice. The open air roof leaks something chronic, and even though I've pulled the whole thing out and stuck sealant under the roof panel, it's still letting water in Can anybody either - 1.) Give me advice on how you've DIY fixed this yourself? 2.) Direct me to someone currently breaking an open air/selling a secondhand roof OR 3.) have an idea of any businesses that might be able to redo the roof? Preferably at a non extortionate price, being a student doesn't allow much in terms of funds Hope this is all allowed! Thanks in advance for any help <3
  7. Kieran1234me

    Gearbox oil change.

    Good Morning all. Just a quick one. Where is the gearbox drain plug and filler plug located on a 2006 1.2l fox Cheers Kie
  8. Hi all, the ignition switch has gone on me Lupo. Just a few questions I need answered: Is it a hard job? Do I need to remove the steering wheel? And finally if I do need to remove the steering wheel, do I need a puller to remove steering wheel spline? Cheers all
  9. VasiljevicD

    LUPO Error

    I ran a scan on my Lupo because there was an engine light on, here are the results. Can someone explaint what is wrong? Thank you. Chassis Type: 6X (6X - VW Lupo (1999 > 2006)) 1 Fault Found: 16785 - EGR System P0401 - 35-00 - Insufficient Flow Readiness: 0000 0000
  10. Jimi

    Lupo 4x100 to 5x108 adapters?

    New member here, hiiiiii. Basically, I've been doing huge amounts of research and found the perfect set of wheels in terms of offset, look, width, etc., but they're Volvo, 5x108 jobbies. I've been told that it'd be impossible to get adaptors to make it happen from a 4x100. 1 ) is that right? Should I let the dream die? 2 ) could I not get the adapters made? Willing to pay a fair amount but obviously nothing ludicrous. Open to suggestions. 3 ) is there any other way I can make them fit? Please help! Thanks
  11. Greengrass

    LCA Replacement

    Hi Guys my first post and cant find this anywhere so hope you can help. Replacing both lower control arms (front) tonight and cant find the Torque settings for control arm to cross member bolt & ball joint etc. any help / direction to a guide is much appreciated. Been all over google but keep coming up with same results for polos and MK4 golfs nothing specific to Lupo FYI I have a 1.4 16v 75hp (not sport) all is standard including boots (185/55/r14)
  12. Hey there, i just bought a 1.4 Lupo with a folding roof. Does anyone know how i can convert it to a normal hardtop roof? Many Thanks
  13. ConnorWood96

    Somebody please help?

    So basically was trying to take my exhaust off and 'just backbox really' failed doing so and gave up, went to leave for work and car when into limp mode and epc light came on, I'm hoping it's due to me pissing around with the exhaust and there's a leak but that's me questing as I have no idea! Anybody shed some light please?
  14. zobywan

    Sunroof problems!!

    Hi I have just bought a Lupo E 2002 with the sunroof that rolls all the way back. I discovered the other day I have water seeping through soaking the whole of the back of the top of the roof! Can anyone suggest ways of fixing it or what the course of this could be. Is it just the drainage pipes need cleaning out or do I need a whole new seal? If so can anyone recommend me any brands or places to buy? many thanks
  15. Does anyone know where i can find these clips from? Not sure of their name either so cant find any anywhere! I could do with about 10 Thanks in advance
  16. I noticed all 3 of my brake lights have gone on my 2003 1.0 VW Lupo. So instantly thinking it's the switch. Have replaced the switch and they still don't work. Checked the fuse and they're fine. Just for good measure I replaced the bulbs and still don't work. What else could it be??? Can anyone help?
  17. ConnorWood96

    Help! Squeaking/whining?!

    Anybody have any experience with tentioners and belts? When the cars ticking over there's a whining noise coming from somewhere in the engine bay and gets worse when you add revs! I thought it could be belt tensioner? Like **** bearings or something but wanted to be sure before ordering the part! If anyone has had any experience with something for like this and can help I'll be very grateful! Cheers ??
  18. Moly220

    Aftermarket Headlights?

    Hi guys, Right so after looking at eBay parts I can't afford I was looking for some aftermarket headlights or angel eyes but can't find anything of the sort!? Anyone know any links to some aftermarket or got pics of your Diy homemade lights
  19. Could anyone help me with a radio code for my Lupo stereo? I've lost my card and all I have remaining is the serial number. Could somebody help? Many thanks! P.S. The radio code is: VWZ1Z3Y8716602 Edit: No need for answers had it all done
  20. MarkyG


    Hello everyone, I've just bought myself my first VW, it's a fox! Auntie went blind so got it from her and it's only for 22,000 miles! Already got some heko wind reflectors ordered, trying to find some alloys but unsure of what size to get! Going to black off my rear and front badges, but not sure what else to do! Any one who has got parts or any help let me know it will be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys, Mark.
  21. Hello, I have a 2003 VW LUPO and just fitted a subwoofer to it. Fitted the sub perfectly without a problem, went to turn the ignition and there is no electrical power to the car whatsoever. I have measured the Voltage on the battery and it is 12.5v which is almost perfect. Also checked the earth point which the sub was wired to. Completely disconnected all power to the sub and still have nothing. Gone through and checked all fuses (ones on top of the battery and below steering wheel). And yes I have connected everything to the battery. Feel completely lost with this. Might anybody has any ideas at all please don't hesitate to contact me. Feel free to text as well 07713119095
  22. ConnorWood96

    Lupo springs

    I picked up a 1.4 lupo the other day and want to sit it on 60mm lowering springs all round, will it be an mot failure?! Cheers
  23. ConnorWood96


    So I picked up a 1.4 lupo the other day and want to sit it on 60mm springs all round.. Will that be an mot failure?! Cheers
  24. Hi there guys just wondering if anyone had an experience with changing/replacing a fuel tank. My lupo is a 2001 1.4 Petrol just wondering if anyone had any advice? taken the brackets off and disconnected all of the pipes my problem is with the filler neck. Do i have to remove the subframe or is there a connection where I can disconnect the two? Thanks in advance

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