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  1. Jimi

    VW Fest?

    I've not been to one before, but suppose I could make the trip...
  2. I'll give him a try then, cheers! I've heard a few horror stories at work from people who say their (cheaper) adapters shattered when they took the wheel off - hope this isn't the case here?
  3. What's a google? I have searched around a bit, but nowhere seems to have decent pics; even those show 5-to-5 holes. Would like to see it before I commit. Anyone got any?
  4. Running stock steels currently, new wheels are only 10mm wider, so there should be room for the 20mm extra. Pretty determined so will find a way around most problems. Are there any hub conversions which would make life easier? I've considered Polo hubs but have doubts as to whether they'd fit; have heard that I'd need the entire rear beam?
  5. 'Iyaaa, Autocar's Lupo owner here. So it seems I upset people before even joining with my comment about the Arosa. Apologies! Good to see people actually read what I write though, and I'm sure I'll be convinced otherwise, here of all places!
  6. Oh crikey, missed that one! Seems my Arosa comment didn't go down too well. soz!
  7. Well, that's what I'm aiming for, anyway. Going into this rather blind, so would appreciate all the help, guidance and community that I know ClubLupo offers! Have browsed for months and now making myself known. Hello! Here's my plan: https://www.autocar.co.uk/opinion/new-cars/can-you-buy-good-car-£300
  8. Ah cheers a bunch, I'll give it a shot!
  9. New member here, hiiiiii. Basically, I've been doing huge amounts of research and found the perfect set of wheels in terms of offset, look, width, etc., but they're Volvo, 5x108 jobbies. I've been told that it'd be impossible to get adaptors to make it happen from a 4x100. 1 ) is that right? Should I let the dream die? 2 ) could I not get the adapters made? Willing to pay a fair amount but obviously nothing ludicrous. Open to suggestions. 3 ) is there any other way I can make them fit? Please help! Thanks
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