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  1. This lupo is my first car and I absolutely love it, but saying that literally every pay check I've had from my new job has been poured into this car and there has to be a cut off point (I'm on a apprentice wage so I'm poor ). I'm in Sheffield
  2. I'll have to look tonight once I've finished work, if it is the pedal box tho it looks like it'll be the end of the little lupo
  3. So, my 2002 lupo E is nearly dead, 100,000 miles on the clock and had nearly every part changed but its still giving me issues. I was going to get the clutch replaced today but decided to have a google around and found out about a common pedal box problem, my clutch is really heavy, makes a very loud squeaking noise as i push it down and struggles to go into 1st and 2nd gear and the biting point is really high, I've looked through all the history and cant see anything about the pedal box being replaced so I'm at a loose end, does this sound like a pedal box issue or a clutch issue?
  4. What are some good mods to do to a lupo 1L, i've had mine a few weeks and i wanna get doing some stuff to it.
  5. Its just a 1L engine from the 2002 lupo E, dont really know anything more about it. i had the cam belt changed a few days ago, also it settled down as soon at the engine warmed up so i doubt its valve/piston interaction.
  6. I noticed this morning there was a very loud tapping noise coming from my engine, it was its worst at 2000rpm and went away the higher the revs. i think it might be piston slap but not to sure so thought id ask on here.
  7. lol, hopefully if it stops raining i will do tonight
  8. I'm 99% sure its not to do with the engine, I've hit 5000rpm before with no issues and aswell im pretty sure its in the front end. I'm gonna try changing the front tyres with the back and see if that helps, if not then it'll be another trip to the garage.
  9. the women in the office just clarified, boob job boobs don't actually bounce that much so natural boobs are better
  10. Hi all, I recently passed my driving test and my first car is a 2001 1L Lupo E, I've had it a little while and it was a bit of a banger when I bought it but I've had a lot of work done to it. So far I've had front wheel bearings replaced, all new tyres, new track rods (think that's what they're called), all wheels have been balanced, tracking has been done and I've had a new timing belt fitted. Anyway in a few weeks I'm planning a road trip with my girlfriend that's about a 3hr drive and its all on the motorway 😐 . I've noticed at about 55mph my car starts to shake pretty bad but it also gets progressively worse as I get faster (never been above 75ish mph) and just wondering if anyone has got any ideas as to what it could be so I can try to get it sorted before the big trip lol?
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