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  1. Can anybody on here point me in the direction of anyone who can deal with gearboxes for a 1.7sdi, either to rebuild the one I have or source a replacement? Driving to a race track yesterday the box became particularly unhappy sounding when coating without the clutch in, happens in 1st and 2nd and the same noise has now spread to 3rd gear. Clutch in, out of gear and 4th and reverse seem to produce no whining, so I fear I've lost main bearings or something along that route in the gearbox. It still selects just fine, but driving it is likely to end in the inevitable loss of probably everything. I've been quoted around £1000 to have the box out, another box thats on ebay for £350 put in, along with a clutch and the labour, which I honestly can't really justify at this time. I've just put it through an MOT and at 183,000 miles its seen quite the life as my first and only car for the last 6 years. As some may understand, I'd be quite devastated to have to let it go Can anybody point me in any less wallet crippling directions?
  2. I have a 1.7 SDI (2000). It's my first car, I absolutely love it, but ...I've suddenly started to get a knocking sound, (this is even in neutral just idling) along with a slight chirping sound, it sounds like a belt slipping perhaps? I've booked him to go into the garage on Wednesday, but I'm nervous we are talking a HUGE job here or the death of my lovely car. He's done 116,000 miles, so he's getting on a bit. I'm a new driver (less than 6 months) so I do occasionally make mistakes and miss a gear or stall. But I'm really hoping it isn't anything final, or anything that is going to cost me hundreds of pounds! 😵 He's a noisy car (always has sounded like a tank). But attached is a video, any sensible ideas as to what it could be causing it? Please be kind... A sad gal, with a poorly car... 20200227_184145.mp4 😔
  3. Hi guys. I have had an 2001 Arosa 1.4 16V sport since 2011 and the speedo has died, it was erratic for a time and then completely died. I have checked the speedo drive gear which goes inside the gearbox and the spindle is rotating in an erratic fashion, it turns and stops for a second etc, if I put my finger on the exposed top I can stop it from rotating completely with a tiny bit of pressure, you can feel it bite sligtly and then slip. This was a recon gearbox back in early 2013. I have removed the drive gear, see attached for what it looks like (no damage that I can see) although there is very slight scoring on the end as you can see. I'm guessing the nylon gear on the final drive ring gear has worn away? How much of a ball ache is it to split the box on these and is it worth it? Thanks for any help.
  4. Hi guys Basically when I go over 50 the brake disc (passenger side) is vibrating hard but if I take a long sweeping turn right its stops and no noise or vibration... I know it's rubbing because I got outside and the wheel bolt were hot as f#&£ but I thought they might of been loose... I though it might be a warped but if it stopping on a right bend im a tad stuck... Just orders new discs to replace but would like to see what you guys think??? Weird thing is it's just had a brake check so
  5. Problem with xenons So drivers side xenon is not working some cable was cut I've put them back together but still not working When i turn lights on it flickers and tries to turn on and goes off there is power going through the wires that was cut so that part is fine Main light doesn't work (red circle) But the bottom light is working (green circle) So if the ballast/igniter is dead could the bottom work but the top wouldn't? I haven't swapped over the bulb, is it a definite bumper off job? Thank you
  6. Hi Everyone, A couple of weeks ago i took my car for repair. The thing is that i no longer see the hose that is connected to the motor cap (The one on the red square) I believe its got something to do with the throttle body. Could someone please enlighten me and tell me what is this hose called? and where does the other side connects to? Ill need to buy and replace it. PD: The pictures are not from my car. I really appreciate any help. Regards.
  7. Hey guys, just picked up a set of Direnza coilovers for my 02 Arosa. Had a good luck through the forums and couldn't really find a decent guide on how to fit them. I know the general idea of the fitting process, but i'd rather not cock anything up. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Adam
  8. So I've put some borbet type A's on my loop and while I'm waiting for my new wheel studs to arrive I just used the ones from the steel wheels, not good i know, but the wheel knock like mad under cornering and I was wondering if its because of the studs?
  9. The interior light in my 02 arosa doesn't work, I've replaced the bulb multiple times with no change. I was wondering if anyone has a solution to this problem as I've no idea what it is or how to fix it. Thanks, Adam
  10. Hi Guys, Basically I've got rid of the old coilovers and replaced them with new ones. They are TA Technix which are not the best, but I'm on a budget. The coilovers are adjusted the exact same height and are tightly bolted in etc. There is no unwanted movement. Yet, when I drive it's quite bumpy on a smooth road and the steering is light and pulls sharply to the right at times. I know that I may need tracking done, but wondered if you guys had any ideas and could help me out. Cheers
  11. Hi there I am having a problem with my electrics at the moment. My car somehow had the battery drained but the only things i had done electronically was having a new radio put in (took the wires out of the old one and put them in the new one) and putting a cigarette lighter in because the last owner took it out. I took it to a garage and they said that the alternater was charging and the battery was taking the charge and my dials were working fine at this point but i took the negative connector off the battery just to make sure it didnt die (I had to drive back home that day for 2 hours ) but when i reconnected it, the dials wont work properly. The petrol dial will go from 0 to near full and stay there when the electrics are put on, the temp gauge is stuck at the top, the handbrake light stays on along with the battery light and the rev and speed dials wont work either. The light for the dials wont come on when i put the headlights on either. The time started at 0:00 but is changing and the mileage part just comes up with a few random lines. Has anyone had this problem with the dials and been able to sort this? and does this sound like there is a power drain?
  12. Ok, i've had this issue for a while, right window stopped working and I only hear the switches clicking - both mine and the other one - what i don't know is what should i change, regulator only or the motor as well? What sign is the clicking noise, means that the motor is working? Need help, please.
  13. hi,need help smells in car every time it rains, must be water getting into cabin somewhere, the carpets dont seem wet and i dont hear any water in the doors thanks.
  14. hello all, looking into buying a lupo 1999 1.4 16v but it has a problem on start up and the engine just cuts out on start up unless you hover over the accelerator. (after warming up runs great) The throttle bodys have been clean and its been said that the have not been relined and this is what is causing the problem. anyone know if this is most likely true ? is this a minor problem or major ? any advice ? cheers Luke
  15. Hi got me first car 1.4 Lupo sport and need know where the oil pressure switch is can someone send me a picture please to dompoolfc@msn.com.
  16. Hi guys, The other night my 1999 lupo 1.4 sport battery died so today I gave it a full charge, checked all electrics, lights etc however the sunroof seemed to be dead when I turned the dial to open it. Maybe this could be a blown fuse or something I'm not to sure and need a few pointers Cheers guys, Piers
  17. As the topic reads, I have a gearbox problem. It started today. I noticed that second gear was progressively getting harder to shift into, to the point where I can only shift into it when accelerating to approximately 3000 revs, and it takes some force to shift into second. In any other circumstance I have to skip second gear and shift straight into third. The car has recently had a new clutch. I cannot enter second gear when sat still either, the stick just stops, like it has come into contact with something. It just won't budge. Could anyone share some ideas as to what it could be? All other gears are perfectly fine. I had some trouble with fifth a couple of weeks back but it just resolved itself, this however has got really bad in the space of two 4 mile journeys :/ Help much appreciated. Thanks, Dan.
  18. I recently brought a lupo 1.4 03 and there's a strange tapping noise coming from the top end? The noise seems to disappear after 2000 rpm, I done a oil change and filter and it sounded slightly better its not a very high mileage either 72000. The noise is really starting to irritate me any suggestions? Cheers
  19. Hey guys, recently started driving my Lupo E w reg, after realizing id been ripped off by who i bought it the headgasket was going, no problem paid had it fixed at a local garage, after less than a week i checked my water level on the radiator overflow or w/e you call it and its full of pure oil :/ surely the gasket cant be gone again, any idea's people, i would post a picture but not near my car atm. Just a trivia i had topped up both my water and oil during that week (im certain i put the oil in the right place, did it with a friend who has drove the same car years) but it had seemed to really drink both the water and oil after a few days. Also if its and relevance the car didnt seem to be driving bad it was starting fine, running smooth and i contstantly checked the temperature and it never went above 90, any thoughts will be appreciated.
  20. just fitted some ap coilovers to my lupo 1.0L an took it for its first drive and the steering is out >.< if the wheels are straight the steering wheel is turn slightly to the left .everything else works fine an it was fine before fitting the coilovers .so if u got five minutes can u give me some advice please.
  21. Just got a new coilpack fitted yesterday and the car seems to be running on 2 cylinders, it's worse than before the coilpack replacement. Can anybody take a photo of their engine bay so I can see the order of the leads? Thinking it might be a rookie mistake. Driving a 1.4 Sport, not sure if that makes a difference though... cheers!
  22. Just got a new coilpack fitted yesterday and the car seems to be running on 2 cylinders, it's worse than before the coilpack replacement. Can anybody take a photo of their engine bay so I can see the order of the leads? Thinking it might be a rookie mistake. Driving a 1.4 Sport, not sure if that makes a difference though... cheers!
  23. so my 1.4 sport has started recently to just not start... (not all the time) i turn the key and it seems to be trying to start and it just does some weird juddering sound... my dad thought it was the starter motor, so we replaced it... apparently its not... fire some suggestions at me?! cheers.
  24. Hello I had a lupo 1.0 that ran absolutly perfect. I drove it to work one day and it was fine and then the airbag light turned on... I stopped and started it twice on the way to work in attempt to remove the light (and it didn't work) but ran fine. Then 10 minutes after getting to work I was asked to move my car, It would start up for a couple of seconds then stop running. I have tried coils, leads, plugs (All basic stuff). And code read to be coolant temp sensor, I changed it since I have a 1.4 with same coolant temp and still no luck... After clearing codes it ran fine for 10 mins then cut out again and has gone back to the inital problem of only running for a couple of seconds. After that I tested the spark and found (specail tool) that it'd spark for a couple of seonds on start up (making it run) then cut off the spark all together... Just wondering if anyone else has had problem and what other factors it may be, the car was running fine (no problems) at all until i came back to start it... The only thing thats changed is airbag light. This is a real pain and would really appreciate any help possible. Thanks James
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