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    vw lupo 1.4s
  1. jamieeharriss

    Clattering engine

    £5 ish on euro car parts
  2. jamieeharriss

    Diesel sounding 1.4s Lupo?

    I'll buy a set of spark plugs tomorrow see if that makes difference, the service oil indicator on the trip meter came on today yet the bloke I brought it off said it recently been serviced and I changed the oil about 2 weeks ago, also on idle the engine shakes my car apart!
  3. jamieeharriss

    Diesel sounding 1.4s Lupo?

    It doesn't sound like a misfire or anything it just sounds tappy, I'm doing a engine flush soon hopefully that could sort it out. Also if I turn on something that consumes electric it taps really quickly then steadies out? It's annoys me more and more every day!
  4. jamieeharriss

    Diesel sounding 1.4s Lupo?

    Not yet but I didn't see how spark plugs could make the car sound like a diesel?
  5. I recently brought a lupo 1.4 03 and there's a strange tapping noise coming from the top end? The noise seems to disappear after 2000 rpm, I done a oil change and filter and it sounded slightly better its not a very high mileage either 72000. The noise is really starting to irritate me any suggestions? Cheers

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