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  1. Got it sorted today. That was exactly it. Just needed tightening up. Like new now Cheers for the reply dude -Dan
  2. As the topic reads, I have a gearbox problem. It started today. I noticed that second gear was progressively getting harder to shift into, to the point where I can only shift into it when accelerating to approximately 3000 revs, and it takes some force to shift into second. In any other circumstance I have to skip second gear and shift straight into third. The car has recently had a new clutch. I cannot enter second gear when sat still either, the stick just stops, like it has come into contact with something. It just won't budge. Could anyone share some ideas as to what it could be? All other gears are perfectly fine. I had some trouble with fifth a couple of weeks back but it just resolved itself, this however has got really bad in the space of two 4 mile journeys :/ Help much appreciated. Thanks, Dan.
  3. Right, the final update. I started by doing as suggested and removing/disassembling the motor. corrected anything that looked out of place such as the three contact wires. Once reassembled it worked again. For about an hour. So back to the drawing board. I soon realised that when I opened my door with the ignition on, my wipers started moving. This was the strangest thing, and I'm guessing none of you have seen this before! My assumption is that a previous owner has been trying to wire something in, and made a mess of it, as the interior light switch was somehow affecting the controls to the wipers. Somewhere down the line, some wires much be touching. So when I open my door, the interior light switch is triggered to come on as well as the wipers. The solution was to sacrifice the interior light switch to automatically come on when I open the door. I doubt this will happen to anyone else in the future, but just in case, it might be worth locking! Haha
  4. I had a hunch that the motor was going to be the culprit, but didnt want to have to go there Thanks for the feedback, looks like im gonna have to check out the motor, maybe even replace it. Ill have a look for any loose wires/connections. Thanks for the input guys! Dan.
  5. Already fitted a brand new stalk, that's no longer the problem. Whenever I replace the relay, it repairs the fault for a period of time. Something is frying the relay. How could I go about fixing it? Thanks, Dan
  6. Update: Changed the Relay Twice now, and replaced the switch. Every time I have changed the relay, it has fixed the problem for a short period of time. I ended up purchasing a brand new relay from VW for £36 to have it work for a day before being stuck at the same problem. Once again they work, but wont switch off. Something is burning out the relays. Could anyone shed some light on this? Thanks, Dan.
  7. right, as the title says, my wipers wont stop, and i cant think of what it could possibly be. I first had trouble with this two weeks ago, and to fix my problem I removed a fuse (any fuse) turned the ignition, switched off, replaced fuse and repeated. they worked fine for the last two weeks after doing this. I got up this morning, got in my car and the wipers instantly triggered the moment I set off the first time it broke I purchased a new switch thinking that the switch could be the culprit, but the switch appears to be working fine. When i got to work I did the same procedure as last time as a temporary fix and the wipers stopped. When i finished work and returned to my car, they were still okay up until i went over a small bump in the car park. So for now, ive just had to rip the Wiper fuse out of the dash until I can find the fix. I have been thinking that it could either be the wiper relay, or some faulty wiring down the line somewhere Any ideas? Thanks, Dan.
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