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  1. All fixed for a whopping £1.50 for a new Speedo Pinion, glad it wasn't the gear on the inside of the box
  2. No lol, it's up for MOT next month (which it will pass). I have just bought a 2006 Skoda Fabia VRS to replace the Arosa and have a Glanza V as the weekend/track toy so I need to get rid of the Arosa as it's just sitting on my driveway atm.
  3. Just got a new Speedo Pinion for £1.50 so hopefully that cures it; would honestly surprise me if the nylon gear inside the box has worn out. If not its going up for sale as spares/repair. The sensor on the top is working fine and gives a good signal.
  4. Cheers for that. Big help. 002409187 - Speedo dive gear. Made of plastic/nylon. GREAT......
  5. That's the thing, I cant find a workshop/parts manual anywhere so I have no idea what material the gear (from which it takes the speed) is made of inside the gearbox.
  6. Hi guys. I have had an 2001 Arosa 1.4 16V sport since 2011 and the speedo has died, it was erratic for a time and then completely died. I have checked the speedo drive gear which goes inside the gearbox and the spindle is rotating in an erratic fashion, it turns and stops for a second etc, if I put my finger on the exposed top I can stop it from rotating completely with a tiny bit of pressure, you can feel it bite sligtly and then slip. This was a recon gearbox back in early 2013. I have removed the drive gear, see attached for what it looks like (no damage that I can see) although there is very slight scoring on the end as you can see. I'm guessing the nylon gear on the final drive ring gear has worn away? How much of a ball ache is it to split the box on these and is it worth it? Thanks for any help.
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