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  1. Title: Team Heko Wind Deflectors Description: 2 Team Heko Wind deflectors for a VW Lupo. They are in great condition apart from a small part that has snapped off but this part is tucked away. Location: Ipswich, IP4 Postage: Collection Only Price: £18 ono
  2. Hi there I am having a problem with my electrics at the moment. My car somehow had the battery drained but the only things i had done electronically was having a new radio put in (took the wires out of the old one and put them in the new one) and putting a cigarette lighter in because the last owner took it out. I took it to a garage and they said that the alternater was charging and the battery was taking the charge and my dials were working fine at this point but i took the negative connector off the battery just to make sure it didnt die (I had to drive back home that day for 2 hours ) but when i reconnected it, the dials wont work properly. The petrol dial will go from 0 to near full and stay there when the electrics are put on, the temp gauge is stuck at the top, the handbrake light stays on along with the battery light and the rev and speed dials wont work either. The light for the dials wont come on when i put the headlights on either. The time started at 0:00 but is changing and the mileage part just comes up with a few random lines. Has anyone had this problem with the dials and been able to sort this? and does this sound like there is a power drain?
  3. I currently have a lesser known brand of air filter within my lupo but I am tempted to get a k&n one. What are the benefits of getting a k&n one as they are a bit more expensive.
  4. Nice and clean lupo just need to lower it a bit
  5. Hi There I am looking about purchasing a Ashley 4-1 exhaust manifold but i was wondering if this would make much difference to a 1.4 lupo and if so, how noticable is it?
  6. Im getting near the point of just going to cash converters and selling them there. I'll put them up for 99p but put okay reserves on them because i could see them selling for like £20 for the pair!
  7. i dont understand why i am struggerling to sell these? i put the RA6006 up for £100 on ebay and the other for £60 but have had no buyers from 2 listings even though both had 2 watchers
  8. to be honest on the exterior, i am pretty happy, just need the paint redone on the doors where the bump strips came off bad and refurb the alloys. I'm gonna de-wiper the back and possibly but a small tint on the rear windows. Then i want to get a new stereo on the interior but the interior is pretty clean as it is then that will probably be it i just keep having ideas pop in my head all the time though
  9. I think that will be a purchase for next month i dont get why i get stuck trying thinking of things to do to the lupo
  10. I'm not sure if i should get a front strut brace as i dont know if this would improve the handling or corner speed... Does anyone know if it does make a difference?
  11. After a long wait of being able to spend a little bit of money after finally passing my test i have been able to get some small things for my car.... I bought some lupo sport alloys (which do have some scrapes so will require a refurb) with tyres that are practicually new for 80 quid. I also bought some centre caps for the alloys and i am waiting for them to come. I also bought some team heko wind deflectors I got told by the person that i got lucky with my car as black lupo interiors are hard to come by, does anyone know this? Here are some photos
  12. I believe it can, and it doesnt make a tapping noise so must be fine
  13. i was looking at either the lupo gti seats or mk4 gold gti seats but lupo ones seem harder to find. I currently have 13" steel wheels but will be buying 14" alloys and wil have a lower profile
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