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  1. I think I was looking at that post earlier. I drove it home quite a few miles with that noise saturday so i imagine that has not done it much good either. I was looking at the rebuild kit (Think i saw it on ebay for £130) and was wondering where exactly they're making up the other 600 quid from but i think they just cant be bothered to deal with rebuilding my box and just want another one sticking it it, which is a common theme around here. What place are you using? Im in Leicestershire myself. And funny you should mention 5th gear, because I've not had 5th in the 6 years I've owned it. Probably would be worth checking that out too if I can afford to get it done
  2. Can anybody on here point me in the direction of anyone who can deal with gearboxes for a 1.7sdi, either to rebuild the one I have or source a replacement? Driving to a race track yesterday the box became particularly unhappy sounding when coating without the clutch in, happens in 1st and 2nd and the same noise has now spread to 3rd gear. Clutch in, out of gear and 4th and reverse seem to produce no whining, so I fear I've lost main bearings or something along that route in the gearbox. It still selects just fine, but driving it is likely to end in the inevitable loss of probably everything. I've been quoted around £1000 to have the box out, another box thats on ebay for £350 put in, along with a clutch and the labour, which I honestly can't really justify at this time. I've just put it through an MOT and at 183,000 miles its seen quite the life as my first and only car for the last 6 years. As some may understand, I'd be quite devastated to have to let it go Can anybody point me in any less wallet crippling directions?
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