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Found 22 results

  1. Looking to buy a front splitter for my gti. Cant seem to find much online, just wondering if anyone had purchased one before or had any recommendations? Thanks
  2. Hi guys, ive had the attached P0100 fault pop up on my car pointing to the MAF sensor but I can’t seem to locate it or find a replacement MAF anywhere that would fit. Am I being simple or does the Lupo gti not use a MAF sensor ? Bonus Fault - if anyone has any idea what the P1503 fault code could be for the alternator (I’ve already put a new alternator and belt on) you’d be helping big time lol
  3. Hello! I'm a new owner of a beautiful 2005 Lupo GTI, all the way from Canada...I've had the car for 3 months and it has now decided to crap out, which makes me really upset. It's really hard to find a 6-speed transmission here. Especially for a car that isn't even readily available. If anyone can direct me to a site or someone that is willing to ship one over that would be awesome! Thanks TJ
  4. Hi, Does anyone have a link or photos of an early 3L tailgate with an OEM Lupo GTI spoiler or other OEM VAG / Votex spoiler installed? I realize all the previously mentioned options will needed to modified to fit properly. As I am sure you are aware, the Lupo GTI spoiler would need to be extended at the tips of each side to meet up with the edge of the extended (upper area) of the early 3L gate . I am just curious if the Lupo GTI spoiler will fit somewhat properly other than the previously mentioned needed mod. Any help with this detail would be appreciated. The 3rd brake light hole
  5. Hi all, I recently installed the "free floating screen"-style aftermarket "Halo 9" radio from Alpine (ilx-F903d) and I thought I should share some pics from the installation. I'm very happy with it! I wanted a Carplay and Android Auto enabled radio for the GTI but always felt that the 2-din screens were never bigger than my phone enough to justify the cost. The standard radio location is also way too low for the eyes. This radio has a great 9" touchscreen that actually sits way higher than the standard radios and so it makes it a joy to use, and much safer because of the size of text
  6. Hi, Sorry for this random post and request. Could someone please provide a height x width x depth measurement of a Lupo GTI tailgate for me as soon as possible? Lupo's are not common in the US. This measurement is not possible for me to grab locally. We are leaving for a holiday in the EU next week. I need to determine if we will be able fly back (from the EU) with a carefully packaged Lupo GTI tailgate in the hold of the plane and airlines we will be flying. Many thanks in advance for the possible help.
  7. Hey! Does the lupo gti rear bumper fit with the Lupo Fsi?
  8. Few little questions Has anyone fitted a lightened flywheel to a Lupo GTi, if so, any recommendations and does anything else need to be upgraded or changed? Or is it a straight fit? I've seen a couple on eBay, any noticable different between the 3.8KG, and the 2.9KG? This is a daily car so not sure if the lighter one is more for track use. On a similar note, the bite for my clutch has been very low ever since I've owned it. Is this a sign that the clutch is on its way out or is this usual?
  9. SOLD
  10. Wondering if anyone else has any experience with swapping out the original Lupo steering wheel with a golf one. Is it as simple as taking the current one off, and putting a golf one on? Or are there any hacks that need to be in place for this to be feasible? Any information will be helpful!!
  11. Selling a full set of Eibach Pro lowering springs for a Lupo Gti 4764777 These will lower the car by 30mm Only been on the car for around 4 months. Purchased for in June 2016 and fitted in December 2016 Looking for £100.00 for the full set. No silly offers! Could post at buyers cost, but prefer collection from Worcestershire.
  12. Hi looking for a working engine for my Lupo Gti, preferably an engine that is running and from a 6 speed Lupo. anyone?? 07958682511
  13. Hi So I have a 2000 lupo and I was wondering if anyone has swapped the doors for lupo gti doors and if it is just a simple swap.
  14. Make: Silver Lupo Gti 1.6 (6 Sped Manual Gearbox) MOT: January 2018 Engine: 1.6Gti Location: Peterborough/Cambridgeshire Price: 1600 ovno So I am testing the waters for selling my Lupo Gti (6 Speed) with an honest all I know ad. I originally bought this not knowing much about the Lupo’s (Other than I wanted one) It was to be used as a second car that I could spend a bit of time working on and have some fun with, I paid 1800 for it in (
  15. Make: Silver Lupo Gti 1.6 (6 Sped Manual Gearbox) MOT: January 2018 Engine: 1.6Gti Location: Peterborough/Cambridgeshire Price: 1600 ovno So I am testing the waters for selling my Lupo Gti (6 Speed) with an honest all I know ad. I originally bought this not knowing much about the Lupo’s (Other than I wanted one) It was to be used as a second car that I could spend a bit of time working on and have some fun with, I paid 1800 for it in (
  16. Thinking of selling my beloved Lupo! Owned it for nearly 4 years, it's got full service history and receipts, no modifications so completely standard, 109,000 miles on the clock, 5 speed in flash red these are a few things that i've had replaced: New Rear Callipers Cam belt clutch changed at 100,000 miles Water pump changed Shaft garters drop links bonnet resprayed Flexi pipe replaced Inner and outer CV Boots replaced New Start up motor Oil cooler replaced Message for further info and pictures! HPI clear W
  17. Hi fellow lupo owners, If you can get past my introduction then I have a question, after lowering my gti on jom coilovers it seems to just be wandering at speed and not self centering correctly, I know this is normally a caster issue, can this be put right or do I need new bushings to correct for this? Or would a shed load of negative camber cause the same issue? Thanks
  18. Hi... hey... boo what ever intro floats ur boat Recently took my gti for alignment on a hunter system after fitting coilovers because I was experienceing light, twitchy steering and it would wonder at motorway speeds and not self center. Long story short the alignment has been done now running -1.4 degrees camber and +2.4 degrees caster with 0 toe but I'm still experiencing the same problem almost like the cars floating, could it been the power steering? Any help is appreciated
  19. Hey guys, I have a 2003 Lupo Gti and am looking to upgrade the suspension bushes to Powerflex ones. http://www.powerflexshop.com/car/volkswagen/lupo-1999-2006/powerflex-bushes-for-road-use-volkswagen-lupo-1999-2006?options=cart From here I am unsure what sizes to order for the Front Anti-roll bar bushes 18mm, 20mm or 22mm? and Front Anti-roll bar eye bushes 18mm or 20mm? Thank you!
  20. I was wondering would it be possible to swap 5th out of a diesel gear box such as a 1.7 sdi gear box and install the 5th gear into my 5 speed lupo gti gearbox so I can have a longer 5th gear? I haven't seen anyone else post about it so I'm wondering if it is possible to swap or is there another way around it??? Would be great if someone could get bavk with a answer, cheers.
  21. Its going to hurt doing this but its time for a change, so my lupo has to go. The car is in very good condition with a full respray finished in march 2009. I will be selling the car fully loaded with all the interior and soundsystem. It hs been to many of the vw shows and has been inside at Ultimate Dubs representing clublupo for the last 2 years, and it won a trophy at Santa Pod a couple of months ago, featured in PVW, and a couple of pictures in Max Power and Fast Car. Its an absolute head turner and gets looks wherrever it goes, Ive had times where Ive come back from shopping and had people
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