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  1. Hi guys, ive had the attached P0100 fault pop up on my car pointing to the MAF sensor but I can’t seem to locate it or find a replacement MAF anywhere that would fit. Am I being simple or does the Lupo gti not use a MAF sensor ? Bonus Fault - if anyone has any idea what the P1503 fault code could be for the alternator (I’ve already put a new alternator and belt on) you’d be helping big time lol
  2. Lol no way, I bought her from a dealer in Kidderminster called JB Motor Cars 😁. She’s still going strong decided to eat through part of the wiring loom on the osr etc but nothing that isn’t fixable 😆, this is her as she sits right now -
  3. haha quality!! the cars condition is a credit to him its spot on! ive been hoping to find previous owners, was it your mum who drove it mainly or dad? only asking as the garage i got it from wasn't 100% sure either haha
  4. Thank you ! Theyre just a set or Porsche D90s was thinking of a change to be fair
  5. thanks :)! was thinking that, ill have to have a shop around for ideas
  6. Hi Guys, Heres my Lupo GTI on around 110k, absolutely in love with this car :)! Got a decent list of mods but hoping to do more !
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