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  1. Wow this is my old girl bought from mattys dad and I was 22 not 18 haha 😅 did most of the mods on it ✌🏼 glad to see its still in decent condition did you buy it from near Chorley?
  2. Wow this is my old girl bought from mattys dad and I was 22 not 18 haha 😅 did most of the mods on it ✌🏼
  3. haha thanks for the back up
  4. Make: VW Model: Lupo GTI MOT: Feb 2017 passed with no advisory's TAX: N/A Mileage: 91000 Description including modifications: For sale is my beloved and extremely rare Lupo GTI 6 Speed, one of only 650 left on uk roads. The Lupo GTI was ear marked as the true successor to the golf MK1 GTI, These little cars really are special and a real GTI. the list of different parts from the standard non-GTI Lupo are huge and as follows: Complete body kit with wide arches thinner glass electronic LSD 6 speed 1.6 AVY Unit Wider front track Doors and wings are alu Red seat belts and stitching Quick Release Sump Battery in the boot Bi-xenon lights with washers ETC... This car is mint with 3 owners and 90kmiles with full and impeccable service history the last service being 3k miles ago with shell 5W-40 Helix Ultra. in the last 2 months it has also had: 2 Front disks and Mintex Brake pads new osf wheel bearing 2 new front tyres all have full tread Full year MOT passed with no advisory's the car has the following mods: full stainless exhaust with sports cat JOM coilovers with a 2yr warranty (original suspension included in sale) K&N Panel filter Rear Wiper delete (original wiper is included in sale) Not so good bits: rust on boot handle an extremely common problem on lupos the front is slightly stone chipped as you would expect on a car of this age, Rattle from back box as a bushing has come loose any questions please don't hesitate to contact me mobile 07450142376 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/291716526685 Location: Parbold WN8 7AR Images: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B_m0C9OFnVzSaVYtVnNKR25QekU Price: £3250
  5. Im 19 now but actually owned a glanza at 18 as my first car... mistake it scared me to death I thought I was ready.. not the case, the lupo gti I had after was tame in comparison but that short wheel base can really bite you in the wet I had a few close encounters and ive got track experience, but its up to you that quote is pretty damn good so go for it and if you kill yourself then it was the wrong choice I currently own a mk1 mx5 and it really proves you dont need the power
  6. Saw a silver lupo gti going from Burscough to Bickerstaffe, I gave you a beep in my 52 reg black gti ?
  7. Saw a silver lupo gti going from Burscough to Bickerstaffe, I gave you a beep in my 52 reg black gti ?
  8. +1 on venom motorsport, the cheapest around and brill customer service I normally pop in to pick my stuff up
  9. thanks for the reply, the std Bathurst's with 195/45/15 on the front and 205/45/15 on the rear
  10. Thanks for the reply, I thought the factory camber was -1, -1.4 isn't really that much camber tbh
  11. Cheers for the help man really appreciate it, the snow probably was, they were new jom coilovers the top mounts bushings could of gone?
  12. Yeah had the front drivers side replace just under 1k ago, also tourqued up all the front strut bolts to spec before the tracking was done...
  13. Really haven't got a clue what's causing the issues
  14. True and I swapped the front tireseats to the back to see if they were worn differently but that dint change anything, and I didn't hit anything ?
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