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  1. Hello! I am a new but old member, I just got myself a little run about lupo! I haven't been on this forum since 2008 when I bought my first one! Im going to start this off and keep it updated for the cars journey through my ownership. It's a 2004 1.7SDI. Perfect for daily workhorse life. I got it of a great family who had lost time and money trying to diagnose the faults. To kick things off, I wil upload a picture of the faults. Apparently it could need a new ECU but could be the relay 109 that I have been researching. The faults were cleared and came back each time. Any help appreciated!
  2. Volkswagen Lupo 1.4 s ***AUTOMATIC**** Low miles at 40,500 backed up by full service history from audi specialists with the last being at 39,994k miles by Arnold Clark VW dealership on Crow Road Glasgow. Lovely small auto lupo for sale in immaculate condition. Probably one of the cleanest around. Very desirable auto gearbox which is smooth and no jerking or noises when driving. Interior is pretty much like new. Only thing different from original is the head unit has been updated with USB connection to phone. The paintwork is taffeta green is way above average as you can see with no dents, scrapes or scratches. Also paint work is original. Driving wise it doesn't make any knocks, noises or vibrations and drives straight. All manuals in the folder with service book. No silly offers please or time wasters. £2550 located central Scotland 07852149658
  3. i'm new to the mod scene, i'm looking at buying recaro seats and found a wicked set of 4 mk3 leather seats from a 3-door car, will these be able to fit in my 3-door 2004 1.0 Lupo?
  4. Hi everyone, i have been offered a 5 speed lupo GTI for a good price and the only problem is the 5 speed gearbox has a whine in 3rd. i have been looking at reconditioned gearboxes and was wondering if it is possible to put the 6 speed gearbox on? And if so what else would have to be changed such as gear linkages? and will it work with the current ecu? i have searched on the forum for this question and haven't been able to find a definitive answer. i know the 6 speed lupo box will not fit to a 5 speed polo gti but what about the 5 speed lupo gti? thanks in advance matt
  5. Post one picture of your Lupo, seen some guy do this on a Polo forum and some awesome cars got posted. No comments, please pm "owner" if you need. See if this works.
  6. I Bought some GTI headlights made to fit 1.0, they’ve been working fine for months and not got the problem with them turning off on their selves sometimes it’s just the left light and then sometimes it’s both when the lights turn off I have to turn them off and back on multiple times and they will come back on and if that doesn’t work I have to turn the car off and back on and they light up again. When the lights turn off the side lights sometimes stay on but really dim. Also when the lights turn off you can no longer hear the switches inside the lights clicking when going from low beam to high beam. I have checked the wiring inside the lights they seem fine , the pins inside the connectors had abit of corrosion but I have cleaned them up. Just to mention it only has a cheap £30 ballast, don’t know if that has to do with anything. any help is appreciated, TIA
  7. Can anybody on here point me in the direction of anyone who can deal with gearboxes for a 1.7sdi, either to rebuild the one I have or source a replacement? Driving to a race track yesterday the box became particularly unhappy sounding when coating without the clutch in, happens in 1st and 2nd and the same noise has now spread to 3rd gear. Clutch in, out of gear and 4th and reverse seem to produce no whining, so I fear I've lost main bearings or something along that route in the gearbox. It still selects just fine, but driving it is likely to end in the inevitable loss of probably everything. I've been quoted around £1000 to have the box out, another box thats on ebay for £350 put in, along with a clutch and the labour, which I honestly can't really justify at this time. I've just put it through an MOT and at 183,000 miles its seen quite the life as my first and only car for the last 6 years. As some may understand, I'd be quite devastated to have to let it go Can anybody point me in any less wallet crippling directions?
  8. Hi! My Lupo has already have ‘half’ seat heat system. I mean the loom, relay, and switches but the seats do have not any heater things. So I have bought after-market heat panels but it has just two wires. Positive and negative. (red, black). The loom cabel hasn’t got any connector under the seat. It has four wires (without connector) Black, brown (these are big), and yellow, red-yellow. I have measured the voltages but one of them has no voltage. (I think it is the ground). So my question is, Is it possible to connect the after-market heat panel to the loom? And what kind of wires are there under the seat? (positive, negative, etc.) I would appreciate your answer guys thanks.
  9. Hey everyone 👋 Here's an intro to the 1.8t Lupo build from my other post, but I'll be continuing the updates here. I picked up a dirt cheap Lupo a while a go and it's been good to knock about in and that. The only problem is, it's a 1.0 and the severe lack of speed is quite frustrating. I've not had anything particularly quick on 4 wheels but have had a motorcycle since I was 17 and it's pretty nippy if I so say so myself. One night, after a few beers I bid on a Mk4 Golf GTI thinking nothing of it... until I woke up the next day and won it!! Oops. It was cheap, has some problems, but it was cheap. It's a 150bhp AUM with a 5spd box and full leather interior. It drives OK enough and for the most part works, although there is an issue at idle which needs addressing. It vibrates quite a bit at idle but smooths out as the revs rise - I'll be checking the spark plugs & doing a compression test to see whats up. And thats the start of my 1.8t Lupo...
  10. Hello all, Can anyone help if the above wheels will fit my lupo with 0 modifications? They come with new alloys too. Really like the look of them but wanted to make sure they fit and don't cause any issues. Thank you!
  11. Hey everyone 👋 I picked up a dirt cheap Lupo a while a go and it's been good to knock about in and that. The only problem is, it's a 1.0 and the severe lack of speed is quite frustrating. I've not had anything particularly quick on 4 wheels but have had a motorcycle since I was 17. One night, after a few beers I bid on a Mk4 Golf GTI thinking nothing of it... until I woke up the next day and won it!! Oops. It was cheap, has some problems, but it was cheap. It's a 150bhp AUM with a 5spd box and full leather interior. It drives OK enough and for the most part works, although there is an issue at idle which needs addressing. It vibrates quite a bit at idle but smooths out as the revs rise - I'll be checking the spark plugs & doing a compression test to see whats up. And thats the start of my Lupo 1.8T build...
  12. J1UPO cherished number plate for sale. Please contact me with expressions of interest.
  13. Howzit guys, as per my "Introduce Yourself" thread, I am Jonno from Johannesburg, South Africa. I am a VW Club of South Africa commitee member, I run our advertising section as well as an event co-ordinator. I am in the process of planning a huge VW event where we will be doing Track racing, Hill climb, elimination drags, skidpan, and possibly gymkhana too. It is going to be massive! I received the car of my dreams on Sunday the 15th of March, the same day I test drove it. On that Monday I already ordered a new windscreen that a mate of mine brought back with him from Botswana (as no Lupo parts are available in South Africa) Tuesday 17th of March another mate went and picked up my NATIS, took the car for Road worthy, got the License disc and got my GP (Gauteng Province) plates. When I bought the car it still had UK plates on. If I am not mistaken it is the only SA registered one in South Africa, there is only 5 that I know of in the country. 3 of them I have seen in person. I am so in love with this car, only fault is the windscreen else it is 100%, in amazing condition, can’t believe a 13 year old car has been so well looked after, by a woman. There is too many features to list so I will just post a picture of the ad. Below is a link that was the first info I ever had on the car, made me want one so bad. https://www.dieselnet.com/news/2000/07vw.php Would give my left nut for an Arosa, but I’m very happy with my cabbie, maybe in the future I can do something similar to the below link http://www.darksidedevelopments.co.uk/arosa-mk2-2-0-16v-bkd/ Anyways onto what everyone wants to see, Actual Pictures of the car My 2002 VW Lupo 1.4 TDI !!!
  14. Hi first post. I got my first car a few months back. Bought it cheap to learn to drive in. One problem is the exterior locks on both doors are falling out. As you can see i can bang them back in but someone could easily pull them out and walk off with them at the moment ? Anyone know a quick cheap fix that will get them more secure?
  15. 7dot

    Lupo GTI wanted

    Hi all New here. Anybody selling their Lupo Gti? Preferably Red or Black.
  16. Hi everyone, Selling my late fathers Lupo GTI in grey 1.6 litre 2004 mileage 69838. Just had it serviced and had mot done today. Only issue bubbling spoiler common problem. 1 previous owner. cambelt changed 57k mileage Looking for £6000 based in London 6 speed gear box. My late father has had it since 2009 approx. Full service history. Please feel free to contact me 07749141887. Regards
  17. Hi all, Recently I had to remove my gear knob from my VW Lupo 1.4 Automatic in order to remove the centre console. Whilst putting the car back together, however, my gear knob button is jammed about half way into the gear knob and out; when installing back onto my car the button is jammed in said position and thus not allowing me to change gears in the car. Has anyone else had this issue before and knows the solution/do I need to buy a new gear knob? I'm unable to find any information regarding the Lupo specifically online, but all of the tutorials online show the cars "swapping auto gear knobs" which is helpful: but, when they release the selector itself the rod allowing the car to change gear needs to be pressed down, whereas in the Lupo it needs to be pulled up in order to change gear. Many Thanks in advance.
  18. Hi everyone, I've been lurking here for a few months so I thought I should introduce myself. Firstly, I'd like to say what a friendly place this is and I think I'd like to stay around for a while if you let me! As a family we've owned at least one VW for the last 34 years now and still have a few aircooled cars on the fleet, so when we started looking for a first car for my son (He turned 17 a few weeks ago) our focus turned to something small, cheap to insure and he could also personalise to some degree. He liked the look of a Lupo, especially the clean lines of the GTi (he is obviously oblivious to the insurance implications) so the search began in October last year. Lockdown has made it a bit tricky to view cars, and I realised that Lupos were not exactly easy to come by and missed two or three, but I was fortunate to see a car advertised here last December in the same town I work and promptly bought it on the spot. You may all remember Helen who briefly turned up last year to sell it. The car is a 2001 SDi 1.7S in Taffeta Green metallic with 171K on the clock. Helen owned it from new and it has been serviced and MOTd at the same local VW dealer from new. Helen loved the car (I believe it has been replaced with a newer Lupo) but she is not a car lover and it is in quite a poor state cosmetically. A (very poor) repair has been attempted to the passenger sill, the driver's side sill it getting scabby near the rear wheel arch as well as in the roof channels. There are numerous parking dings and scuffs around, it also looks like the local youth have climbed over the car a few times with small dents on the roof and bonnet. Both doors made a banging noise opening and closing, the upper door cards and grab handles were broken and there are several bits of trim missing. Despite all this, we have fallen in love with the car, and the engine seems quite reliable and pulls strongly. Having the complete service history is a bonus, many of the usual faults have been addressed over time (pedal box, electric windows). It's never going to be a concourse car, but it looks OK from 20 yards and it will serve us as a learner car and a commuter car (I do about 60 miles a day) We weren't particularly looking for an SDi, but I can see they have quite a loyal following. We have decided to run it on veggie oil and have been doing so for the last month without issue. I must already say thanks to several members here, I have gleaned information to change the fuel filter, the roof aerial, remove and clean the headlining, fix one of the door check straps with an Oilite bearing and I also checked the air intake box (it was perfectly clean inside!) Again, thanks to @mk2, @Skezza and @Rich for posting some very valuable information. Apologies if I missed anyone. Still lots to be done, some beyond our simple capabilities, but the front brakes need attention, one of the door hinges need replacing and I need quite a bit of interior trim. There is also quite a loud whistling above 60mph. I think we will attempt replacing the front disks and pads ourselves, the new door hinge may be a stretch. I didn't bargain on it being so hard to find trim parts, could anyone help me with that here, or should I start a new thread? Cheers Mark
  19. Good afternoon, First time poster here since buying my Lupo. I am looking for advice on alloy wheel fitment. So my lupo needs 3 tyres replacing but instead of replacing them I have a set of 15 inch alloy wheels with tyres on that have only been driven 200 miles maximum. The alloys I have are of a mk3 golf vr6 (I have 4x100 to 5x100 adapters) so they will fit interms of pcd and centre bore as far as I'm aware. The tyre size on them are 195/45/15 and the car is on coilovers. So with the 195 45 15 tyres and the alloy specs are 6.5Jx15 ET43. Two questions I have are: Will they fit? Will there be a clearance issue in the arches? I look forward to your replys and expertise Kind regards Jordan Ps. I have attached a picture of the very same alloy wheels and my car.
  20. Danslupo


    I just picked up my first VW Lupo. I'm going to use it as a bit of a project, as it needs some love and attention thanks to the previous owner treating it like a bin!!! Anyway, it seems to drive fine but bodywork has some touches rust and chopped paint. Biggest pain is the roof gutter metal trim has popped up at the front of the car and I can't seem to push it back in! I've stuck it down with gaffa tape for now!!!! Can I slide it out and refit. There is some of the dreaded rust but it looks like it had work done previous (watchdog!!!) and I wanted to take them out and clean up and grease. Any advice would be welcome!! I'm a newbie at this, so sorry if I'm sounding clueless!!!
  21. Right...... I was just gonna start a new readers ride thread but as I've already got one and its got photos of my loop how she was when I first bought her I figured might as well just update this one As you can see this was how it was when I first got her and if you looks further through the thread this is how she is now, I will put some more photos up of bits and bobs that went on along the way but if you follow THIS link it will take you to my project car thread that is much more detailed. GO TO THE LAST PAGE OF THIS THREAD FOR MOST RECENT DETAILS AND PHOTOGRAPHS. 1999 v reg 1.4 16v Sport Lupo to 1.8 20v turbo 423bhp Now.... Back then..... border="0" class="linked-image" /> border="0" alt="" /> border="0" class="linked-image" /> border="0" alt="" /> border="0" class="linked-image" /> border="0" alt="" /> border="0" class="linked-image" /> border="0" alt="" /> border="0" class="linked-image" /> border="0" alt="" /> border="0" class="linked-image" /> border="0" alt="" />
  22. Hello, I am looking to upgrade the head unit in a vw lupo so that it has aux input and Bluetooth connectivity to play music. I have absolutely no knowledge at all in this area and was wondering if somebody could provide some suggestions/recommendations on head units that are good quality. Many Thanks
  23. Hi everyone, I've come to the end of my googling solving absolutely none of my questions on this topic but I always seem to land on threads here so figured I'd see what those who have done it or have the know how have to say on the matter. I apologize for the long post in advance! I brought a 1.7 SDI Lupo almost a year ago now from a friend who was the 2nd owner and had always planned to turbo charge the beast. I purchased a few extras from him including: 215 (I think? memory fades quick) injectors which I believe are from a pre-PD 90 or 105. (These have already been installed and damn, what a difference!) TD03 turbo with exhaust manifold and inlet manifold from a mk3 golf TDI (So I have been told, need to double check the part numbers) Manual twisty boi boost controller for vacuum control. Front Mount Intercooler. I have since sat on these parts for the last 8 months and really want to get it done. My biggest question is Oil Feed and Return lines as my Lupo is one of the engines with the 1.9 stamp on the block but I don't know if the return is blanked or has a bolt in it. (I presume it's blanked)... I had a look at the oil pump on these SDIs and I can see that there's a set of 4 blanked off ports on the filter housing, are these enough to just slap a feed on? And for returns, I will likely just have to drill a hole in the sump, weld in an AN fitting and make a custom line? Intercoolers, I have read that I might be able to get away with no intercooler as long as I definitely plan on running a cold air intake (Which I will be given it's going to get toasty behind the block!) Oh and Oil Coolers, a must or forget it? I want something simple but reliable.... The current situation is that I used this engine to learn how to map EDC15 ECUs of which has gone really well. Mapped in the new injectors to avoid smoke and have made a map that is turbo ready to avoid stressing the bottom end with too much boost or making the gearbox **** itself.... Gotta say for an SDI it's surprising how much an injector change can do. (ECU stats according to EDCsuite show 65HP and around 160lb/ft torque. Though it's definitely nippier I wouldn't say it's quite that but maybe one day we'll dyno it properly) Popcorn and Launch Control were added for the scene points too, it sounds stupid but that's the goal. (Interestingly, the SDI Map has all the map tables for MAP/MAF and also the N75 Valve in, so while it's possible to wire them in for full boost control, I won't be doing so and just run a boost gauge with the manual controller. Sending it is what me and my friends do.) Attached is a picture of my lupo, I'll further introduce the beast in another post later.
  24. Recently bought my first vw after 10 or so years of looking down on them.. And I have to say that even with a 1.4 lupo I now understand why people are so passionate with vw. Theres a quality that you cant find in other new small cars (one of my other cars was a w168 a-classe 1.4 and even that little merc seems somewhat less well built). I m in the process of changing the door panel fabric to black and painting the trim to black.(its a red car). Can anyone suggest something subtle other than audio ,steering wheel ,seats and wheel covers? Already did a **** job with a wheel cover ( black with red stitching, I m turning everything in the interior in that fashion). Thanks in advance and thanks for all the info already in the forum. Open to discussion 😃
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