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  1. Hey everyone 👋 I picked up a dirt cheap Lupo a while a go and it's been good to knock about in and that. The only problem is, it's a 1.0 and the severe lack of speed is quite frustrating. I've not had anything particularly quick on 4 wheels but have had a motorcycle since I was 17. One night, after a few beers I bid on a Mk4 Golf GTI thinking nothing of it... until I woke up the next day and won it!! Oops. It was cheap, has some problems, but it was cheap. It's a 150bhp AUM with a 5spd box and full leather interior. It drives OK enough and for the most part works, although there is an issue at idle which needs addressing. It vibrates quite a bit at idle but smooths out as the revs rise - I'll be checking the spark plugs & doing a compression test to see whats up. And thats the start of my Lupo 1.8T build...
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