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  1. Wondering if anyone's made any clear tail lights and I'm asking about how it went as I'm trying to make myself some from scratch (see attached pic from @noahuds24 on IG) . have you made reflectors to pass an MOT, did you buy coloured bulbs or LED strips? if the latter, what was doing the wiring like? Thanks all
  2. Lupo GTI rear spoiler. DOES NOT INCLUDE BRAKE LIGHT this was damaged. There is also some damage on the near side underside of the spoiler as well. £70 collected or £75 posted Ono.
  3. How do I remove the 2 attached wires ?? Tried pulling on them with no success any specific tool I can use ???
  4. Hi, I have an Epc warning light with no symptoms of an issue and no OBD codes. It originally occurred because of the brake light switch and now just comes back on every 5 or so miles... Any help?
  5. For sale: Lupo 3L aluminium doors and bootlids Hoarding has gone a bit too far and I need room to get a project started. I have 5 sets of early 3L doors, which means they have manual window winders. Doors come with door cards, grab handles etc. Doors are in good condition but not mint. 1 set in red 1 set in dark green 1 set in light green 1 set in grey 1 set in black Doors are £75 each, preferrably sold in pairs. Pics to follow shortly. Also, I have 3 rare early aluminium bootlids, complete with interior trim, brake light, wiper etc. Even the correct gas struts (for alloy bootlids) are included. Wiring loom is cut off where it exits the bootlid so this needs replacing. Bootlids are otherwise in good condition. 2 in grey 1 in light green Bootlids are £85 each. Pics to follow shortly. Doors and bootlids can be delived en route anywhere between Folkestone/Dover and Derby (M20 - M25 south/westbound - M1 jct 24) early 2018. Cheers, Niek p.s. my whatsapp is on 0031 6 48410165
  6. Hi, we have an intermittent fault with the boot light not coming on when we open it. We have worked out that it is the switch, plunger, that is at fault but we cannot find the part number or what it is specifically referred to in VAG catalogues. It's the white plastic cylindrical sprung loaded switch that has a screw hole to one side and fits in the bottom right corner of the body of the shell where the tailgate closes onto and is about 2.5 inches long. It also has two connectors, rather than one that is relying on an earth. We've searched everywhere for boot switch etc but cannot find a replacement. Any ideas where we can find one please...
  7. Hi all, Been reading through a few topics on this but cant find a definate answer. My oil light keeps beeping at me when the car is getting to hot, or so it seems. Im not too bothered about this as the car runs perfectly fine. Does anybody know where i can find the speaker for the beeping noise so i can cut the wire to stop it from annoying me. And if anybody knows how i can fix this problem then that would be greatley appreciated. For now i just want to stop the beeping until i have the time and can be bother to attempt to diagnose the problem. Thanks in advance for your help Danny
  8. Hello all. Let's start from the very beginning. So I bought my Lupo GTI just under 3 years ago now - 28th June 2014 to be precise. I originally bought the car with every intention of making it a road going show car, after attending various local/nationwide shows with a select group of friends. The level of attention to detail of some of these cars was second to none and it was really quite inspiring to see first hand for myself. Growing up in the North West of England (Wigan) I was lucky to be exposed to a large variety of different automotive cultures. Be it everything from Japanese, German, VAG to Classic, High Performance and Concourse show cars. I started driving early 2012 and despite much controversy my first car was a 1.2 Vauxhall Corsa D (Unlimited Edition) . However after 2 years of ownership in 2014 I decided it was time for a change. I had recently gained employment at Jaguar Land Rover - Halewood and my insurance started to dip a little. It was then I set out on the hunt for a car to tick a few boxes. I wanted something fun, nimble, fast but at the same time something that wasn't going to break the bank insurance/fuel wise. After weeks of what seemed like endless searching I fell in love with a Black Lupo GTI I had found on AutoTrader. The owner, a 56 year old lady from Rugby, Warwickshire. The car itself was absolutely perfect (Black, 6 Speed, Low mileage 64K, FSH, Completely standard and unmolested). It was everything I was looking for.
  9. I noticed all 3 of my brake lights have gone on my 2003 1.0 VW Lupo. So instantly thinking it's the switch. Have replaced the switch and they still don't work. Checked the fuse and they're fine. Just for good measure I replaced the bulbs and still don't work. What else could it be??? Can anyone help?
  10. Have an Arosa interior for sale (minus seats)..... from a car that has done 32,000 miles! £75 (ONO) for the lot. Open to offers. Based in Northern Ireland. Prices do not include postage. Willing to travel/deliver within reason. Door cards, carpet, rear plastics etc. everything's there, all like new Pm for details Thanks for looking.
  11. Anyone breaking a Mk1 Arosa Sport or have a lower fog light valance/bumper? Has anyone seen these online? Looking for one for my Mk1.
  12. Anyone breaking a Mk1 Arosa Sport or have a lower fog light valance/bumper? Has anyone seen these online? Looking for one for my Mk1.
  13. Problem with xenons So drivers side xenon is not working some cable was cut I've put them back together but still not working When i turn lights on it flickers and tries to turn on and goes off there is power going through the wires that was cut so that part is fine Main light doesn't work (red circle) But the bottom light is working (green circle) So if the ballast/igniter is dead could the bottom work but the top wouldn't? I haven't swapped over the bulb, is it a definite bumper off job? Thank you
  14. Hi, The battery light keeps flashing on the dashboard of my 1.0l SEAT Arosa and then the battery runs dead after a few days, sometimes less than a few days if driving just in the day with no lights on. I am unsure on why it is doing it, as I have changed the alternator and bought a new battery. I have had a mechanic and an auto electrician look at it and they are clueless. Any ideas? Thank you!
  15. So I've done quite a bit of driving today, and I just noticed my battery light is illuminated, even when the car is running. I've looked around and found that with the polos, it means there's a battery malfunction and that it's got about 500 miles before it stops working. Anyone ever had this problem, and if so, how is it fixed ? Thanks in advance. Myles.
  16. My beloved GTi is struggling a bit getting it's drivers side headlight turned on! When the lights are turned on, all 4 fronts light up, but the drivers side xenon flickers on and off full brightness before turning off after about 10s. I have a suspicion it's the (rather expensive) ballast that's causing the problem, but wondered if anyone else has had a similar issue? My battery hasn't been overly happy recently, but given regular usage it seems to charge fine and the battery issues predate the light problem. Any help would be much appreciated!!
  17. The interior light in my 02 arosa doesn't work, I've replaced the bulb multiple times with no change. I was wondering if anyone has a solution to this problem as I've no idea what it is or how to fix it. Thanks, Adam
  18. airbag light has come on after I replaced indicator stalk. I've double checked the connections and they seem OK so how do I get the light to go off please help!
  19. The interior light is not coming on when the passenger door is opened... I know about the microswitch problem as I have already replaced it once but surely it can't be that already after only a few months?
  20. Hi Guys, Basically I've got rid of the old coilovers and replaced them with new ones. They are TA Technix which are not the best, but I'm on a budget. The coilovers are adjusted the exact same height and are tightly bolted in etc. There is no unwanted movement. Yet, when I drive it's quite bumpy on a smooth road and the steering is light and pulls sharply to the right at times. I know that I may need tracking done, but wondered if you guys had any ideas and could help me out. Cheers
  21. My EML came on today and didn't go off. It was quite difficult to set off and it was 'stuttering' in every gear. It's came on before but went straight off. I have no idea what it could be and if anyone would be able to give us an idea that'd be great. I know this is could be a range of things but I can't really narrow it down anymore as I daren't start it. Thanks Chris.
  22. Hi Guys, Having a intermittent fault with my side lamps, the left hand side (front and rear) occasionaly do not come on however, always work with the parking lights?? Could this be a dodgy switch? massive pain in the but and got the MOT coming up in august so want to fix it in plently of time before the MOT! Cheers, rob.
  23. There isn't much option to get my hands on a GTi 3rd brake light, other than the dealers, eh?
  24. I need urgent help with my lupo e 1.0 today before I set off to work, I put my key in the ignition like normal went to start and it wouldn't it was just like ergh ergh ergh stop I was like **** so I waiting again and tried it didn't work, Then The Oil pressure light came on beeped and went off so I checked my oil and it was filled up to the mark i left it at before so I was like Whats wrong with, I then tried to start it again but this time i used the accelerator and vroom the lupo came to life and was running what sounding fine.. So I manged to get to work park up and then on my way to work I notice I have a loud like vibration when i trun right which I have no idea what it is as of yet, but when I went to start it after work it started up fine and my concern is could it be a starter motor or something? I need help ASAP as its what I want to be using for a year or more as a daily Thank you so much George.
  25. Hi, Just bought a Lupo GTi (2001) and trying to get it sorted. I had to get a new spoiler brake light and bought it direct from VW. It arrived and doesn't fit. I've heard somewhere about modifying to make it fit. Is this common?Do I modify the spoiler or the light?Does anyone have any pictures or tutorial?Thanks in advance Ben
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