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  1. I am looking to fit an ambient air temperature gauge to a 54 plate 1.0l Lupo Where is the best place to fit the sensor and which route for the cable into/onto the dashboard is easiest? I am considering putting the sensor inside the wing-mirror but how to get the cable into the cabin? Has anyone fitted one of these themselves? If so, how successful/easy was it? Thanks in advance
  2. N&J

    Haynes Manual

  3. There you go.... I did have the light out and it is a genuine VW part.
  4. We are now aware that Haynes do not do a Lupo manual so, based on your experience, which manual most closely matches your Lupo? Polo, Golf, Fox or Up? Our's is a 2004/5 1.0 Many thanks, N & J
  5. Hi, we have an intermittent fault with the boot light not coming on when we open it. We have worked out that it is the switch, plunger, that is at fault but we cannot find the part number or what it is specifically referred to in VAG catalogues. It's the white plastic cylindrical sprung loaded switch that has a screw hole to one side and fits in the bottom right corner of the body of the shell where the tailgate closes onto and is about 2.5 inches long. It also has two connectors, rather than one that is relying on an earth. We've searched everywhere for boot switch etc but cannot find a replacement. Any ideas where we can find one please...
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