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  1. Bit of an odd one here.. AUC 54’ plate 1.0 MPI Arosa 124,xxx miles Its recently become really hesitant when setting off or putting your foot down. It’ll hesitate for a few seconds then pick up. Sometimes it’ll also just rev itself between 500-1000RPM. It also shakes sometimes at about 500rpms From what I’ve read on here most people say it’s either the HT LEADS, COIL PACK, or SPARK PLUGS. Plugs were done about 20k ago and gapped correctly. I am planning to change these soon and see if it changes anything. My main concern though is that there isn’t an EML on the dash when the car does this?? Does this mean it’s not likely to be missfiring and it’s not those parts causing the issue Anyone able to help? thanks
  2. @Skajme Did you find out what the cause of the EPC light was??? Same things happening to me
  3. @Sausage just a generic reader £20 from euro car parts aha might be the issue
  4. Hi, I have an Epc warning light with no symptoms of an issue and no OBD codes. It originally occurred because of the brake light switch and now just comes back on every 5 or so miles... Any help?
  5. It’s a long shot, but did you ever figure out what the issue was?? Same things happened to me
  6. Yeah it’s only a £20 reader from EuroCarParts might only read check engine codes? I’ll definitely have to look into VCDS cables. Thanks for your help though
  7. I plug my OBD2 in it shows no codes but allows me to erase the light? Looking into VCDS now
  8. I have a 1.0MPI Arosa The EPC light has come on a few times and I’ve lost brake lights completely but I’ve been able to turn the car off and have them come back on. Recently the EPC light came on and the brake lights stayed off. I replaced the brake light switch and the lights work. I cleared the EPC Light but every time I clear it, it comes back on after a couple mins of driving or presses of the brake. The throttle feels fine and the idle isn’t lumpy. Any help appreciated!
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