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  1. The day has come to sell my Arosa as I've now bought a new car. I've owned the car since November 2014 and covered approx 25k in it since. It also has a huge amount of receipts/past MOT's and the V5C in my name and the original 2 keys (one with locking buttons). Pictures here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Seat-Arosa-Sport-100bhp-Big-spec-lots-of-upgrades-/142382581436? Spec is as below; - 1.4 100bhp sport AUB 109k - doesn't burn a drop of oil. - Custom Chrome exhaust cat back - Direnza stainless manifold - AP coilovers - 12 months old in perfect order.
  2. Hi guys, not been on here for a long time, unfortunately my return is to sell my gti. Am I allowed facebook links? just saves me copying and pasting and having to reupload all the images. @jon_273 would you like your old gti back?
  3. I can only find plastic clutch Slave cylinders for the GTI? Is there any other options from other vehicles to use? Reason I would like to change is I don't like the plastic bleeder valve and i feel plastic is cheaper and not as durable as metal?
  4. I've just treated the GTI to a White Line Rear ARB, I've read they make a huge difference to the handling so I'm looking forward to getting it! Those with it fitted, what setting did you find best? I know there are three settings, just wondered what owners found the best! Thanks in advance!
  5. First of all hi to all members of this club,i have readen so many topics of this forum,you are doing a great job. My name is John and i am from Greece,unfortunately not so much lupo-lovers there so not much info on our blogs/forums even mechanics. At this point before i ask you my questions i will ask you to forgive me for any language mistakes,i really try to use English correctly. I know from other topics you would suggest go sell your lupo s and buy a lupo gti,but in Greece there are no gti at all.There are 2-3 that are converted to 1.6 but no GTI at all and no 6speed gearboxes.I hav
  6. Hi, had a look round but can't seem to find an answer to this... My Lupo gti is going to be more track focused from now on, so I'm wondering if there is a better radiator than the OEM one? Want to make sure the car keeps cool on track. Any help or ideas would be appreciated!
  7. Picking this up at the weekend It's already lowered on AP coilovers, but other than that stock I think. Am planning to add some 16" 7 spoke wheels in the near future.......
  8. She's a totally standard, 2005 GTI in laser blue. Just finished giving her a proper polish and wax with a newly acquired DS polisher.
  9. As we all know the GTI spoiler is a bad design and allows water in which then causes paint blistering... What is the best way to seal it all back up? Light - The OEM gaskets obviously fail and I dont believe they can be bought individually as no part number is on ETKA... I purchased a BMW E36 gasket to see if that would work but isn't the best of fits... What could I replace it with? Clear silicone? Foam Tape? The light does need to be able to come apart down the road again... Spoiler - As standard there is foam tape, Should this just be replaced or is there a better substitute?
  10. Ok so I know you cant bake the GTI headlights to split them due to the sealant unlike the normal ones... So my question is can normal headlight lenses fit the GTi headlights? (just the front clear plastic) If i could manually remove the lense from the GTI by dremel etc would a normal lenses fit? PS... The GTI headlight casing is dead anyways (crash damage, cracked lense, no tabs,)
  11. Hello all, the twin cup holders in my lupo gti seem to droop slightly in the middle and rattle slightly when driving. I'm trying to sort out all of my rattles because they do my head in haha. Has anyone had a similar problem or is it just me? I've tried felt tape on the under side but that didn't help anything. Thanks in advance. Lewis.
  12. Make: Silver Lupo Gti 1.6 (6 Sped Manual Gearbox) MOT: January 2018 Engine: 1.6Gti Location: Peterborough/Cambridgeshire Price: 1600 ovno So I am testing the waters for selling my Lupo Gti (6 Speed) with an honest all I know ad. I originally bought this not knowing much about the Lupo’s (Other than I wanted one) It was to be used as a second car that I could spend a bit of time working on and have some fun with, I paid 1800 for it in (
  13. Make: Silver Lupo Gti 1.6 (6 Sped Manual Gearbox) MOT: January 2018 Engine: 1.6Gti Location: Peterborough/Cambridgeshire Price: 1600 ovno So I am testing the waters for selling my Lupo Gti (6 Speed) with an honest all I know ad. I originally bought this not knowing much about the Lupo’s (Other than I wanted one) It was to be used as a second car that I could spend a bit of time working on and have some fun with, I paid 1800 for it in (
  14. Anyone have a spare gear knob? Round style. Also Interior Door Handles Lupo or Arosa in Black. It's for a Mk1 Arosa. Based in Northern Ireland but happy to pay postage.
  15. Hi All, So I've bought a Silver Lupo GTi. 54 plate and it's been here for it's entire life as far as I'm aware. There are probably some on here who know more about it than me, but here's a few photographs taken on the first weekend of ownership... In the front garden with her stablemate... Lupo want's to play... House of Bruar, A9. No mods happening, she's staying pretty much as she is. She already has KW coilovers (if anyone knows exactly what type please let me know), so I'm more than happy on that front. GTi badge going back on the rear. If I'm paying the insurance, then
  16. Hello here is my list of what I have left from breaking my gti Slam panel with rad £40 Light switch £15 Dash £40 Centre dash £20 Gti throttle body £15 Gti red ht leads and coil pack £20 GTI pedal box £40 message me if you want anything based Colchester Essex
  17. Hi All, It is with deep regret I am selling my Lupo GTi. Only selling because my son has started learning to drive and unfortunately at 6' 3" he is too tall for it It is a 2002 model with aircon and the 6 speed gearbox in black. It has just 2 previous owners and 89k miles backed up with a Full Service History tons of paperwork including a fully stamped service book, service invoices, MOTs and original sale documents. It has been serviced to within an inch of its life, primarily by VW main dealers and a VW independent specialist. I will post more photos and details up s
  18. Bought my first Lupo GTI a couple of months in raven blue, which is personally my favourite colour.
  19. Alwyn

    vw lupo blog

    my black 1.4 lupo unfortunate i haven't got any of the photos with the interior finished before i started to sell it to fund mods for my GTI.
  20. VW Lupo 1.6 GTI 6 speed with full factory options. Originally registered to VW UK Head office.Flash Red with original Bathurst alloys sprayed black70831 MilesFull Service HistoryJust serviced 3/9/201611 Months MOTBlack Heated Leather seats (RARE)Electric Sunroof (EXTREMELY RARE)AirconOriginal VW Cassette with single cd2 original working VW button keys with spare bladeOriginal VW black leather binder with complete manuals and service book.I have owned the car for 4 yrs, adament i wanted to keep it as original as possible to ensure this stays a rare future classic. I have had to replace the alte
  21. Breaking a Moon Silver GTI All parts are for collection from Manchester, delivery may be possible on smaller items. PARTS SOLD: -Spoiler -Clock Cover -Coilovers0 -Black lower plastics and carpet -Leather handbrake cover Parts for sale and prices: -GTI Doors £100 each or £170 for the pair -Bonnet, has a dent but fixable £30 -Drivers side wing £90 -Pass wing (Small dent) £50 -Boot lid £30 -Rear bumper (small blemish) £45 -Front bumper (Has small hole under, not noticeable and easily fixable) £90 -Red seat belts £60 -5 Speed GTI knob and gaitor £20 -Black
  22. The time has finally came around to start properly looking in the market for a gti I've been looking for a couple of months so understand the prices but wasn't in the position to buy one but now I'm pretty much ready to buy one I've got a month before my insurance ends on my current car so not in a rush :-) some criteria Black,Grey,Red and Raven Blue are the colours I'm only interested in. 6 speed is essential so what's out there? :-)
  23. Hello. As per description. Does anyone have one kicking around? I can arrange collection. Thanks Jo
  24. Does anyone have a good condition GTI standard airfilter box for sale? Mines running a Sport one at the moment, but they don't have the lug on the cover to hold the engine cover on the n/s, so need a GTI one! Thanks in advance
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