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  1. Right guys. I've made up a spreadsheet within Excel that'll allow you to see the speed output in MPH at a given rev amount in any gear. I'd upload it to this but I honestly haven't a clue how! All I need is the ratios for the GTi 5 speed Box then it'll have both of the GTi boxes on it. I'm also inputting the lower down gear boxes in, so the 1.0,1.4, 1.4Sport, 1.4 tdi, 1.7SDi. If anyone has a copy of the gear and final drive ratios then that would be super if you could send them over! Many thanks! Matt
  2. Can anyone help? I am trying to remove the gearbox from Lupo SDI 1.7. It was going ok, until I got to the top rear engine brace, Doh! There doesn't appear to be enough 'flex' in the rubber mounts at each end to move the brace off the end of the engine bolt, to allow access to the bolt to remove it. This bolt has two threads, one 18mm A/F and the other 13mm A/F. I have tried to undo the bolt using an open ended spanner (a few degrees at a time using both sides of the open end), but I have realised that because there is not enough room to 'flex' the brace off I may not be able to get the bolt out far enoungh without someone taking the weight of the gearbox, moving it away from the engine as the bolt unscrews face by face. Is this the only way? I have considered removing the rear end of the 'top rear brace' (closest to the gearstick), there is one bolit visible, but is very tricky to get to and if I managed to get the bolt out it looks like the gearchange linkages go through the alloy brace casting. Everything else is ready to go, this is not going well! Has anyone done this before, and can offer any guidance? Gary
  3. Hello, have a problem with the 3l automatic transmission. when I'm driving, suddenly in the middle of driving, it shifts out of gear and loses the gas pedal. the engine just idles. and then I have to stop and turn off the engine, then when I start it again changes gears normally without any problems, but after a few kilometers the same thing happens again....does anyone know what it is about...no mechanic knows what it is about
  4. Hi everyone, i have been offered a 5 speed lupo GTI for a good price and the only problem is the 5 speed gearbox has a whine in 3rd. i have been looking at reconditioned gearboxes and was wondering if it is possible to put the 6 speed gearbox on? And if so what else would have to be changed such as gear linkages? and will it work with the current ecu? i have searched on the forum for this question and haven't been able to find a definitive answer. i know the 6 speed lupo box will not fit to a 5 speed polo gti but what about the 5 speed lupo gti? thanks in advance matt
  5. Can anybody on here point me in the direction of anyone who can deal with gearboxes for a 1.7sdi, either to rebuild the one I have or source a replacement? Driving to a race track yesterday the box became particularly unhappy sounding when coating without the clutch in, happens in 1st and 2nd and the same noise has now spread to 3rd gear. Clutch in, out of gear and 4th and reverse seem to produce no whining, so I fear I've lost main bearings or something along that route in the gearbox. It still selects just fine, but driving it is likely to end in the inevitable loss of probably everything. I've been quoted around £1000 to have the box out, another box thats on ebay for £350 put in, along with a clutch and the labour, which I honestly can't really justify at this time. I've just put it through an MOT and at 183,000 miles its seen quite the life as my first and only car for the last 6 years. As some may understand, I'd be quite devastated to have to let it go Can anybody point me in any less wallet crippling directions?
  6. Hi all, Recently I had to remove my gear knob from my VW Lupo 1.4 Automatic in order to remove the centre console. Whilst putting the car back together, however, my gear knob button is jammed about half way into the gear knob and out; when installing back onto my car the button is jammed in said position and thus not allowing me to change gears in the car. Has anyone else had this issue before and knows the solution/do I need to buy a new gear knob? I'm unable to find any information regarding the Lupo specifically online, but all of the tutorials online show the cars "swapping auto gear knobs" which is helpful: but, when they release the selector itself the rod allowing the car to change gear needs to be pressed down, whereas in the Lupo it needs to be pulled up in order to change gear. Many Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi all, This might be a bit of an outlandish question but would a Volkswagen Golf Mk7 1.4L TSI R-Line Engine and 7-Speed DSG be capable of fitting inside a Lupos engine bay? I understand engine swapping is difficult, frustrating, and potentially very expensive, but the thought process was both engines are the same size (granted the Turbo) so they should both fit - and how large can a DSG be, right? Atop of this, of course, other aspects of the car would need to be changed, but most importantly I was just wondering if anyone has swapped a Golf's 1.4L into a Lupo; specifically a more modern 1.4L (like the Mk5's GT TSI DSG with 170bhp, or the R-Line TSI with 150bhp). Thank you in advance
  8. Hello, my gear linkage is heavy when moving the stick forwards and backwards. I’m guessing this is the cable or something connecting the gear lever to the box? Any ideas what I could do to fix this? thanks
  9. Hi My daughters 1.7 SDI yellow peril (Larry) gearbox has given up, and I'm after a replacement, anyone got a spare gearbox hanging around, I believe any of these work DXQ, DED, FFV, ETF & FDQ She loves this car and I'd hate to scrap it, we have spent two days looking at other newer cars, but she hates all of them, just wants Larry back. Thanks Dave..
  10. Hi there, I need help with a very loud and distressing wheel speed noise. It's there wether in gear or not, only with the wheels turning. Clutching has no effect on it. It sounds, as far as I can tell (and a couple of different passengers) to be coming from the front passenger side wheel, with some vibration noticeable through the foot well. I've had the front up and listened with a Dowell while the wheels are driving, and the gearbox and drivers side knuckle make a kind of sshsshssh noise which I would associate with dry or very slightly worn bearings. While the passenger side knuckle makes a crunchy clunkey noise. Thing is that I've now changed the p side bearing twice, and the knuckle (I scragged the original) and drive shaft with no definite change. having done the bearing both times found the hub nut not tightened all the way after a few miles, despite Having wound the Bearing in with a puller and torqued up the nut. Car is 2001, 115k and the noise was audible but mild 10k ago and now is incredibly insistent. I need Help as I'm about to drive from Somerset to Wales, towing 700k, and don't want a failure on route. Or a catastrophic gearbox failure. And would love to take it to 200+k I guess I'm asking what it might be, or what I did wrong fitting the bearings to cause them to fail prematurely (10's or hundreds of miles) fag bearings All help greatly appreciated, any questions just ask. I could make a recording but when I have the exhaust shielding rattle and console squeak largely drowns it out. Thanking you kindly, Joshhert
  11. hey guys, I need some help regarding my VW Lupo 3L from 2004. Car's got around 380k km, 1 owner before but didn't care of it properly. Since I have it it drove nice but lately it started messing up on me really bad. I've done some extensive reading on this forum regarding some of the problems and fixes common to the 3L. Briefly, my problem is - if I drive for more than 10-15 minutes in the upper gears (normal drive on highway, 5th gear) when I stop the car fails to change to lower gears. Sometime it gets stuck in 5th or 4th. I stop the car everything goes back to normal. But it does this almost every time. Tried driving on automatic but does the same. To note - hydraulic pump runs almost all the time. Ordered an accumulator will change this Thursday. Under the pump there is some sludge, but quite old looking. So I'm assuming that once either overvflowed or leaked. I wanted to check the oil level but the green cap from the accumulator has written on it 'do not open'. so.. ok how do I check it then? But could my problem be because of the pressure accumulator or more than that? Since pump is running all the time I assume that at some point it can't keep up with the pressure loss from the accumulator so it just can't change gears anymore? Could there be a pump problem, or leak somewhere? No lights showing up in the dashboard. Previous problems fixed - hose from intercool to turbocharger changed (common Lupo problem), alternator with pulley and belt. My other question is - the MPG is quite poor, I get 6.4 l/100 in the dash, which is approx 45 mpg. That is quite poor I would assume from such a car. It drives well really, I can go 170 km/h no problem (although I normally don't). Any ideas to this poor fuel economy? My last question to Lupo owners - is it normal for a Lupo to not have assisted steering and central locking? mine does not have neither.. and it's a 2004 lupo what?! I had older Puntos which had both thanks for the help guys. Cheers Andrei
  12. Good Morning all. Just a quick one. Where is the gearbox drain plug and filler plug located on a 2006 1.2l fox Cheers Kie
  13. My SDi's gearbox has let go in the usual fashion and so I'm searching for a replacement. Does anyone have one for sale? Thank-you.
  14. Hi guys. I have had an 2001 Arosa 1.4 16V sport since 2011 and the speedo has died, it was erratic for a time and then completely died. I have checked the speedo drive gear which goes inside the gearbox and the spindle is rotating in an erratic fashion, it turns and stops for a second etc, if I put my finger on the exposed top I can stop it from rotating completely with a tiny bit of pressure, you can feel it bite sligtly and then slip. This was a recon gearbox back in early 2013. I have removed the drive gear, see attached for what it looks like (no damage that I can see) although there is very slight scoring on the end as you can see. I'm guessing the nylon gear on the final drive ring gear has worn away? How much of a ball ache is it to split the box on these and is it worth it? Thanks for any help.
  15. my lupo sports gearbox is about to 'blow' just wondering what would be the best box for it, like a 1l or a 1.4 s or even a GTI, and are polo gearboxes an option, and the cheapest, need one ASAP as i have a driving job many thanks jake
  16. Hi guys, I'm new here. Wanted to ask if I can do a bolt on gearbox change from any 1.9TDI (doesn't matter if it's 5 or 6-speed)? Also, I had a remap and it's running about 96bhp and 280Nm. Are a bigger turbo, injectors and another remap going to get me to about 150? Thank you
  17. I've got a lupo 1.4 16v sport the gear box has gone I've found a gear box from a 16v 1.4 sport polo 6n will that fit?
  18. I have a 1.0 02 lupo. gear 1 to 4 are fine. If I go into 5th gear under load there is no drive connection and it makes a sound like a tin can full of gravel. Any idea would be appreciated.
  19. Hi I've recently bought a 1 litre 02 plate lupo and it had a bust gearbox , I've replaced the clutch and fitted a recon box it's all hooked up but I can't select any gears the gear stick doesn't feel connected, anybody have any ideas as how to fix it?
  20. So I've had my Lupo 1.0 for a while now but it suddenly would not engage in reverse, the linkage is sitting in the reverse position but when I take my foot off the clutch the car does not move at all. The gearbox doesn't even crunch if I try to put it into reverse without the clutch. Could someone help as I need the car sorted!!!
  21. Hi All, I've been looking for another smaller VW and came across the Lupo! There are two for sale in my area, a 2000 1.4 16v S that has 89k miles with this done on the car: VW Lupo 3 doors, 4 seats in good bodywork and interior Model 75 HP (55Kw) 5 fiscal CV (very good engine 4 cylinders and 16 valves).. Technical control OK 4 new tires bills in 2015: Kit distribution and pump water complete clutch Thermostat 2016: complete exhaust system revision (oil and filters) made in all € 2,600 maintenance bills; for sale need bigger. or a 2001 TDI with 80k miles with this done: Sells Volkswagen Lupo TDI 75 hp. Car in good condition. Options: - Power steering - Air conditioning - Power windows . Revision made . CT ok . Price negotiable Please feel free to contact me for more information. My concern is the gearbox/pedalbox failures that I've been reading about! Are all Lupo's susceptible to potential gearbox/pedalbox failure? Both are around the same price = 2,200 euros....the 1.4 is more appalling in that a lot of work has been done on the car and both cars look great...in the pic's. I have yet to see them in person... Any suggestions or help especially with the gearbox/pedalbox issues??? Thanks Cya
  22. hi guys, currently my box is DXQ. can i fit one of the other boxes to my lupo SDI such as the DED, ETF or FFV? thank you!
  23. so i recently bought myself a 1998 Arosa and well the car is F***** passed an M.O.T with some welding and bulbs however i started to realise the gearbox was getting stiffer and alot harder too get in too gear,i had the selectors check and there fine,clutch is fine too,so before i go out and buy a whole new box,im praying someone could maybe shed some light on it? cheers guys
  24. Hey, I've got a 1.7 sdi Diesel lupo 2000 plate. Recently the reverse gear just refuses to work, all the other gears are perfectly fine, I can pop the reverse into gear and it'll shift back a few inches then either jump out or make a horrible crunching noise, I've taken it to a mechanic and by force he can reverse it back normally but the car sounds terrible because you can hear it wanting to push the reverse gear out. My mechanic as quoted me £1500 for a new gearbox! Or I have to find a second hand one, all in all inc labour I'm looking at around £800 and there's no guarantee the gearbox will work as its second hand... i went to a local mechanic and told them my problem and they said it sounds like a broken reverse linkage? Never heard of something like that but inc labour it's £150..if that's the case. I'm going to book my car in but I'm worried they'll cause more issues then I have, love my lupo but it's a 2000 plate and I don't really want to spend almost 2k on a gearbox. does it sound broken? Or a link breakage? Am I being ripped off? Sorry for such the long post but it's becoming impossible to drive the car without reversing, I have to roll out of my drive -__-. Any advice would be great! thanks!
  25. Hi currently looking for a gearbox for a VW Lupo 1.7 deisel? anyone know of one for sale? Thanks
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