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  1. Hi all, This might be a bit of an outlandish question but would a Volkswagen Golf Mk7 1.4L TSI R-Line Engine and 7-Speed DSG be capable of fitting inside a Lupos engine bay? I understand engine swapping is difficult, frustrating, and potentially very expensive, but the thought process was both engines are the same size (granted the Turbo) so they should both fit - and how large can a DSG be, right? Atop of this, of course, other aspects of the car would need to be changed, but most importantly I was just wondering if anyone has swapped a Golf's 1.4L into a Lupo; specifically a more m
  2. Hello, my gear linkage is heavy when moving the stick forwards and backwards. I’m guessing this is the cable or something connecting the gear lever to the box? Any ideas what I could do to fix this? thanks
  3. Hi My daughters 1.7 SDI yellow peril (Larry) gearbox has given up, and I'm after a replacement, anyone got a spare gearbox hanging around, I believe any of these work DXQ, DED, FFV, ETF & FDQ She loves this car and I'd hate to scrap it, we have spent two days looking at other newer cars, but she hates all of them, just wants Larry back. Thanks Dave..
  4. Hi there, I need help with a very loud and distressing wheel speed noise. It's there wether in gear or not, only with the wheels turning. Clutching has no effect on it. It sounds, as far as I can tell (and a couple of different passengers) to be coming from the front passenger side wheel, with some vibration noticeable through the foot well. I've had the front up and listened with a Dowell while the wheels are driving, and the gearbox and drivers side knuckle make a kind of sshsshssh noise which I would associate with dry or very slightly worn bearings. While the passenger side knu
  5. hey guys, I need some help regarding my VW Lupo 3L from 2004. Car's got around 380k km, 1 owner before but didn't care of it properly. Since I have it it drove nice but lately it started messing up on me really bad. I've done some extensive reading on this forum regarding some of the problems and fixes common to the 3L. Briefly, my problem is - if I drive for more than 10-15 minutes in the upper gears (normal drive on highway, 5th gear) when I stop the car fails to change to lower gears. Sometime it gets stuck in 5th or 4th. I stop the car everything goes back to normal. But it does t
  6. Good Morning all. Just a quick one. Where is the gearbox drain plug and filler plug located on a 2006 1.2l fox Cheers Kie
  7. My SDi's gearbox has let go in the usual fashion and so I'm searching for a replacement. Does anyone have one for sale? Thank-you.
  8. Hi guys. I have had an 2001 Arosa 1.4 16V sport since 2011 and the speedo has died, it was erratic for a time and then completely died. I have checked the speedo drive gear which goes inside the gearbox and the spindle is rotating in an erratic fashion, it turns and stops for a second etc, if I put my finger on the exposed top I can stop it from rotating completely with a tiny bit of pressure, you can feel it bite sligtly and then slip. This was a recon gearbox back in early 2013. I have removed the drive gear, see attached for what it looks like (no damage that I can see) although t
  9. my lupo sports gearbox is about to 'blow' just wondering what would be the best box for it, like a 1l or a 1.4 s or even a GTI, and are polo gearboxes an option, and the cheapest, need one ASAP as i have a driving job many thanks jake
  10. Hi guys, I'm new here. Wanted to ask if I can do a bolt on gearbox change from any 1.9TDI (doesn't matter if it's 5 or 6-speed)? Also, I had a remap and it's running about 96bhp and 280Nm. Are a bigger turbo, injectors and another remap going to get me to about 150? Thank you
  11. I've got a lupo 1.4 16v sport the gear box has gone I've found a gear box from a 16v 1.4 sport polo 6n will that fit?
  12. I have a 1.0 02 lupo. gear 1 to 4 are fine. If I go into 5th gear under load there is no drive connection and it makes a sound like a tin can full of gravel. Any idea would be appreciated.
  13. Hi I've recently bought a 1 litre 02 plate lupo and it had a bust gearbox , I've replaced the clutch and fitted a recon box it's all hooked up but I can't select any gears the gear stick doesn't feel connected, anybody have any ideas as how to fix it?
  14. So I've had my Lupo 1.0 for a while now but it suddenly would not engage in reverse, the linkage is sitting in the reverse position but when I take my foot off the clutch the car does not move at all. The gearbox doesn't even crunch if I try to put it into reverse without the clutch. Could someone help as I need the car sorted!!!
  15. Hi All, I've been looking for another smaller VW and came across the Lupo! There are two for sale in my area, a 2000 1.4 16v S that has 89k miles with this done on the car: VW Lupo 3 doors, 4 seats in good bodywork and interior Model 75 HP (55Kw) 5 fiscal CV (very good engine 4 cylinders and 16 valves).. Technical control OK 4 new tires bills in 2015: Kit distribution and pump water complete clutch Thermostat 2016: complete exhaust system revision (oil and filters) made in all € 2,600 maintenance bills; for sale need bigger. or a 2001 TDI with 80k miles with this done: Sell
  16. Right guys. I've made up a spreadsheet within Excel that'll allow you to see the speed output in MPH at a given rev amount in any gear. I'd upload it to this but I honestly haven't a clue how! All I need is the ratios for the GTi 5 speed Box then it'll have both of the GTi boxes on it. I'm also inputting the lower down gear boxes in, so the 1.0,1.4, 1.4Sport, 1.4 tdi, 1.7SDi. If anyone has a copy of the gear and final drive ratios then that would be super if you could send them over! Many thanks! Matt
  17. hi guys, currently my box is DXQ. can i fit one of the other boxes to my lupo SDI such as the DED, ETF or FFV? thank you!
  18. so i recently bought myself a 1998 Arosa and well the car is F***** passed an M.O.T with some welding and bulbs however i started to realise the gearbox was getting stiffer and alot harder too get in too gear,i had the selectors check and there fine,clutch is fine too,so before i go out and buy a whole new box,im praying someone could maybe shed some light on it? cheers guys
  19. Hey, I've got a 1.7 sdi Diesel lupo 2000 plate. Recently the reverse gear just refuses to work, all the other gears are perfectly fine, I can pop the reverse into gear and it'll shift back a few inches then either jump out or make a horrible crunching noise, I've taken it to a mechanic and by force he can reverse it back normally but the car sounds terrible because you can hear it wanting to push the reverse gear out. My mechanic as quoted me £1500 for a new gearbox! Or I have to find a second hand one, all in all inc labour I'm looking at around £800 and there's no guarantee the gearbox wil
  20. Hi currently looking for a gearbox for a VW Lupo 1.7 deisel? anyone know of one for sale? Thanks
  21. help my 1.4 16v lupo s wont start pluged it in to fault reader and it said engine speed sensor no signal so i went about changing the sensor but when i came to plug the new one in i realised something was a bit werid the crankshaft sensor cable seems to go down in between the engine and gearbox as in its between to flat surfaces being pinched i was hopeing to follow the cable to find the sensor and change it , anyone know the sensor loacation ?? or just wana see the pic of the wire hahahaha
  22. hi i dont know if this has already has been posted or not i cant seem to find it if it has! i will be getting an engine conversion done in the near future to a 1.8t and i was just wondering as to what gearbox would be the best to fit? should i stick with the gearbox that is with the original engine or should i change it to something else?? any help would be greatly appreciated. cheers peeps or any links to some gearbox threads
  23. Hi there, There is a VW Lupo with an automatic (electronic) transmission (like this on the site 22). The transmission was repaired, & there are 6 pieces of wires & there are 6 connectors on the gearbox. Here i uploaded a picture about this. The wires are: the nr. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9. My question is, how can i identify, what wire belongs to what connector on the gearbox? I find this info nowhere in the service manuals. The wire nr. 4 & 5 are blue & red. What colour is the upper & what is the lower? & how can i identify the wires nr. 6,7,8,9 & for wha
  24. My gear stick is stiff but still goes into gears ok. Tried to lube the joints and the cable but still no better. Clutch feels fine and it drives well. Are all Arosa's like this? are they all stiff as maybe it's because its a shorty shifter, I dunno.
  25. Hello I have 2 lupo Gti gearboxes for sale: 5 Speed (mileage unknown), was sold to me working but I never fitted it so I can’t guarantee this. £70 6 speed (2002 – 99800 miles), gear change was smooth but it did start to make a noise when in 2nd/3rd gear. The garage believed it might be a differential issue, so would need reconditioning. £100 The collection is in Banbury Oxfordshire, if you would like to arrange a courier that’s up to you but I imagine that it will be very expensive due to weight. If you would like both I will do them for £150
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