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Found 16 results

  1. I got a 70,000km aluminum door model Lupo GTI. The Lupo had a fault error in the ECU, and a leak from the rear spoiler caused water to collect in the battery pan in the boot room. I used VCDS to clear the error, charge the battery, change the oil, adjust the air pressure and test drive. The drive shaft boots broke, grease splattered, and the engine check lamp turned on again. I identified all the faulty parts of the car and ordered the parts.
  2. Hello everybody! I've been posting my updates in the 'New Members' section but as I've done a little bit to her now, thought I'd put it up here. Nothing major will happen with the car (I don't think), but I'd like to slowly improve her and show others what can be done on a fairly tight/resonable budget. Anyway here's the story so far..... After driving my mums car for 10 months and saving up, I've finally been able to afford my own car! Being a long time lurker within this forum looking at various topics and advice from other users, I decided to buy a Lupo! I bought it in May with 62
  3. Hi guys, Brought some coilies for my Lupo and just concerned about the order of the top mount parts. The coilovers come with top mounts and ive heard everywhere not to use them, i need to use my stock top mounts. Ive tried finding a picture everywhere of the order and cant see anything. Cheers, Zap
  4. Hey guys, just picked up a set of Direnza coilovers for my 02 Arosa. Had a good luck through the forums and couldn't really find a decent guide on how to fit them. I know the general idea of the fitting process, but i'd rather not cock anything up. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Adam
  5. Hello, A quick bit of advice needed please. My car was on JOM coilovers when I bought it. Last weekend I took the adjuster rings out on the rear to drop it lower. Looks good. The car is currently in the garage for a CV Joint replacement. My problem is, while they had the car on the ramps the back axel dropped and a rear spring fell out. I've been advised that this will be a MOT failure. MOT not due til april. Has anyone else come across this issue before? Is there a way of bonding the top of the spring to the body, or will this just creak. Thanks for your help, sarcastic humorous responses wel
  6. Ok so I'm 17, 18 in a few weeks and I'm thinking of buying a lupo as my 1st car. I want to lower it, would you recommend coilovers? Also has anyone around my age done this because I want to know what effect it has on insurance.
  7. Wondering if there is any way I can get lower on the rear of my lupo without having to get custom springs? I've taken the adjusters out and it is still to high, just wanting to know of there is anything else I can do? Also heard heating them up to compress them is a bad idea.
  8. I know it's not a good idea at all but can I run my standard shocks with the rear coilover springs until I find some replacement lowering shocks? Cheers in advance
  9. Hi, I am looking at buying some coilovers for my Lupo but have two questions. 1) "JOM" or "FK AK Street" coilovers, pretty sure about FK's. I have seen them new for about £200ish but I have forgot where I saw them for that price and am now looking at £240 which now leads to my second question. 2) What website sell Fk Ak Coilovers for around £200. Cheers in advance.
  10. can anyone explain what the difference is, which ones are better suited and a rough buying guide would help? Thanks
  11. Hello everyone, Has anybody got any pictures of a lupo sitting on 60mm springs? And which ones are best to get? I've decided I don't want to go too low, but I really want to see what a 60mm drop looks like. Thanks in advance. TD.
  12. Hi guys, I'm fitting my AP coilovers and Rota Cup alloys over christmas on my 2000 sdi. I've bought front top mounts however i'm not sure what needs to be replaced at the back, they don't seem to be called "top mounts" when I went to VW parts. Are they called "bump stops" for the rear? Can anyone help? Thanks Greg I have done a search.
  13. Does anyone know which ones are the best fit? http://www.powerflex.co.uk/products/Bumpstops-2666/1.html Or is it more worth it buying OEM ones?
  14. I fitted a set of FK coilovers on saturday and put both front and back right down to the lowest setting, i then decided yesterday i needed to go about an inch higher so i jacked up the front and i heard a knock at the rear and the spring had come out, when fitting the rear there was a large washer and bolt that went underneath the adjustable part to hold it in as many of you will know, i noticed that this was missing!! i realise that this is obviously needed just wondering how badly!? and if so where could i get some new ones, as both have come out and i defenatly put them both on tightly!?!?
  15. Me and my friend attempted to fit my fk prosport coilovers today to my 1.0 lupo E, got everything off fine bolted in the bottom of the coilovers but then when it came to bolton on the top bit underneath the bonet when tightening the nut all it did was spin the whole shock, the original suspension has a rubber part at the top which prevents this but i did not get anything like that with the kit there are two blue bits that appear to go ontop of the coilovers that could go here but the hole is not big enough for it to fit through.. ANY SUGGESTIONS PLEASE HELP!. THANKYOU
  16. Here are some pictures of my vw lupo 1.4 s it has coilovers but head gaskets gone but not bad for £150 without coilovers, when i first got it was **** not going to lie, so I cleaned it up amd put for coilys on it i put new brake lines and all new brakes on it, needs headgasket sorting now any ideas how much it's gunna cost me cheers TOM!!!! xx MY CAR: http://s1271.photobucket.com/albums/jj622/tommysmee123/?action=view&current=406358_2414427476480_1125100687_31959995_2037999764_n.jpg
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