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  1. Hi everyone, quick question... Whats the maximum wheel width i can go to without having to roll the arches? Thanks for any replies, TD.
  2. Matt that was probably the most useful thing I've ever read on this forum, and I've been here for a while, so thank you, it helped me too
  3. That blue wing mirror is driving me insane! Personally I like it, it's nice to see something out of the ordinary, I'm not a fan of the Audi grill though, someone really wants an A1 but hasn't got the cash
  4. Well we found the problem, it was a split break pipe to the servo, a new pipe and air valve was fitted and it was problem solved. It was all finished in time for my test...which I passed!! With only 2 minors, best Christmas present ever!!!!
  5. I had it scanned today, the bloke said that the only thing that came up on the computer was something to do with the fuel line, it might just need a good clean out but that'll have to wait until after Christmas though. Strange that something like that would trigger the EPC light though P.S thank you for the replies, you've been a big help!
  6. The brake lights work fine, and the switch has been replaced but the light is still on
  7. Hi guys I've got a huge problem, my driving test is on Tuesday and the EPC light has come on, I've wipe the computer on the car and done the whole turn it off and on again but it's still here, could it be a fuse of some kind? Please help! TommyDUB
  8. If your looking for style opinions, your better off going with something you like rather than what other people suggest. If you looking at sizes, it will depend on how low you go and if you want your arches rolled or not.
  9. They are just a smaller varient of the Golf wheels.
  10. Thanks Spartan that helps a lot! and sorry Danyutz but I'm not sure why you've posted that in this thread.
  11. They are 13"s, I don't know the other measurements so it might be harder to tell what they are.
  12. Hi guys, any of you wheel enthusiasts know what these are called? A mate got them today and he needs to know the make/model. Thanks.
  13. you'll get a hell of a lot more than £100 for them, even if they're arent in the best condition. Ripspeed alloys are from Halfords....yeah.... cheap... Welcome to the forum
  14. My 1.4S (apologies for the dreadful image quality)
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