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  1. No worries have found in elsawin. Thanks
  2. I'm coming round to doing discs and drums for the lupo. Does anyone have any torque settings, can't find them in elsawin. Mainly after the carrier bolts. Zap
  3. Zap

    Lupo 1.4s breaking - all parts free!

    Do you have any of the interior left over?
  4. Zap

    Black GTI Coventry OE51

    My pov spec is faster Jokes aside, nice car. Pretty quick. ~zap
  5. Zap

    Lupo gti

    Looking very clean, can I ask where you got those flaps? Any photos with them on?
  6. Absolute top man! If i remember i did close it before but its popped back open which made me think its suppose to be open.
  7. Hi, just have been changing my spark plugs and air filters. Noticed there is a open plug type hole with a cap attached but not in the hole. This is on the right hand side of the engine cover quite low down. I'm not 100% on what it is and if it's suppose to be open or closed? ~zap
  8. Zap

    Zap's Lupo Build

    Hi guys, thought id start a thread to keep my Lupo updated on here even though it looks like the website had died a bit I will keep this updated with most modifications I will do to the car. Brought the car back in October 2015 without a license and haven't drove it just yet on my own as test is in October. Only just really got round to giving it a good clean and tidy up all round. Car was a bit of a mess and did smell like **** inside. First thing changed the headunit and fixed broken door cards. And gave the enterior a good clean and wet hoovered the seats and roof liner, this pretty much brought the inside back to new just small broken things like door check strap and winders which have now been replaced. Next was wheels and needed a change from trims as I lost 1 taking a speed bump a bit too quick for my Lupo. Found a set of Dotz alloys on eBay for £100 and had to go and see them. Lucky me they all had new tires on and not too bad condition. Fitted these and now rubbing when turning due to a broken wheel arch liner sticking out and hitting on full lock. After this I left the the car for a few months as slighty lost interest with driving. About a month ago I needed to update the car and do something with it so I brought pretty much everything I'm going to need for fixing and repairs. A proper jack and stands and all the tools I could possibly need and can't forget coilies and 25mm spacers. Spacers are currently fitted and while doing this I have scrubbed the arches clean from all the mud that was lodged around the arch and wire brushed the breaks. Did an oil change and filter replacement. Cars oil looked like it hadn't been changed all its life and was very dark and filled with bits and crud. Oil filter was also locked on which was a 30 min job turned 2 hours. Yesterday must have given the car the deepest clean of its life got pretty much every bit of dirt off the exterior and gave a good 2hr Polish bringing the paint back to a deep shiny black. Car is in serious need of a clay bar as tree sap has took over the roof and bumpers. Coilies will be next and then looking to black out the interior. tldr. Restoring the car.
  9. Zap

    Mint Lupo

    Hi Guys, New to the forum, thought id post a photo of my Lupo and say hello. Car was purchased from a scrap yard and in quite a bad condition which appeared to be mostly dirt and smell. Turns out the car is in a great condition and just needed a good clean and clay bar. Recently purchased a set of wheels for £100 on eBay also in good condition and new tires all round Few minor faults which have been fixed include lock barrel fixed, door panel clips, driver side check strap, new window winders, dashboard took out cleaned and refitted. Coming up is a full service and fitting coilovers. (BTW does anyone know the order of the coilover top mounts?)
  10. Hi guys, Brought some coilies for my Lupo and just concerned about the order of the top mount parts. The coilovers come with top mounts and ive heard everywhere not to use them, i need to use my stock top mounts. Ive tried finding a picture everywhere of the order and cant see anything. Cheers, Zap

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