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  1. In the garage, wish I could keep it here out of the crappy weather but unfortunately my mums car takes priority -.-!
  2. Tucking a little tyre, 14x8J Cheers man !
  3. Another picture shortly after I put the Schmidts on, I've wanted these wheels for years before I could even drive! Finally have them so now it's just all about little detailing to the rest of the car and it should be sweeeeeet! Hope you all like it!!
  4. My lupo next to my brothers supra, 1.0L lupo vs. 3L Twin Turbo Supra haha!
  5. 14x8J definitely fills the arch gap soo much better! Had to get my rear arches rolled aswell
  6. This is what I bought with money from the Starmags and a lot of extra money from part time work while at sixth form!! Ones polished one was waiting to be polished love the difference! Meguiars next gen polish is soo good!!
  7. How the Starmags looked just before I sold them as funds for the schmidt th lines
  8. Aero wipers, and toffee wheel used to remove the glue from the bump strips if anyone is removing them I would highly advise using this toffee wheel works a dream!!
  9. Next on the list was to go adjusterless on the rear, needed more lows with 13's
  10. A little bodywork change, after looking at hundreds of de-bump stripping threads I thought I would have a go, I thought it went pretty well!!
  11. Bought up some Starmags.. This is how it used to look,
  12. Not yet mate only put the Schmidts on a couple of days ago and been busy since! Will get some soon!
  13. Me and some friends just before edition 38 2012, if you can't tell I've got some BBS RZ's on!
  14. Cheating with a slight curb but it's still DAMN low!
  15. I went really low really quick, started by rolling on steelies!!
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