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  1. Erie GTI

    Options for GTI tyres

    Try Oponeo.co.uk. I found Toyo Proxys in 205/45/15. I haven't order anything from them yet, was told about the site from a lad at work. They are based in Poland. I had 50 on my GTI and the rubbed then I got the Proxys 205/45/15 from a Motorsport company near me here in Ireland, It took them 2 weeks to get them. It was after this that I heard of Oponeo so haven't had to order from them yet.
  2. Erie GTI

    Lupo GTi 1.8T - Flash Red

    Looking for the rear beam if you still have it??
  3. Erie GTI

    Breaking - Lupo GTI Moon Silver

    Hi, I'm looking for the rear beam.
  4. Erie GTI

    2001 (51) lupo gti BREAKING

    looking for the rear axle. Need it sent to Ireland If that possible??
  5. Erie GTI

    Lupo gti black and silver

    Hi I'm looking for the rear beam?? Need it sent to Ireland if that possible ??
  6. Hey are the roof bars and stubby driver mirror still there. If so, would you be able to post to Ireland??
  7. Erie GTI

    Newest Irish member

    Hey cheers guys. That right guys I'm a true Irish paddy!! From Co. Cork. Not there at the moment working abroad for the next few weeks. The car is on my brother farm at the moment in storage, he drives it the odd day just to keep it going.
  8. Erie GTI

    Newest Irish member

    Hey all !! Just joined last night, saying hi everyone. I've got a Raven Blue Lupo GTI. Well upload a few pic soon.

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