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  1. Ok guys, I didn't want to have to do this but my other car is requiring big funds. I am breaking this 1.8T converted GTi: http://forums.clublupo.co.uk/index.php… Alot of time and money has been spent, all parts are in very good condition (was a show car). Panels all look like new due to not turning a wheel in anger since respray (Flash red). Worth reading the linked thread for detailed pictures of certain parts etc.. more photos can be provided. The interior is in very good condition, no sagging/creases etc... Not sure of part values (keep in mind most are in excellent condition if not as new) so i've made a list based on what i have seen for sale/sold: Custom interior, Recaro rear bench, Recaro CS Sportsters in the front, all door cards, headrests, dash, centre console, boot cover, all retrimmed in red/black leather with red stitching + Matching Momo steering wheel - As a package £1600 Rayvern Air suspension custom built for GTi, with V2 Management £1200 W3 EVW (W3E VW) - £250 including transfer fees Panel Paint as new (LP3G - Flash RED) Front Wings - £120 Each Bonnet - £140 Front Bumper, smoothed (inc. headlight washers) with grills, top and bottom with badge £150 Rear Bumper - £130 (Smoothed and finished with small numberplate recess Boot Lid with fitted Mk7 Polo handle & black Spoiler - £250 Black Wing Mirrors with stubby- £90 Doors with glass - £130 Each Glass pop out rear - £35 Exhaust system, 3” Custom manifold back (decat)- £200 Headlights - £250 Spotlights X2 - £25 Each Cambridge rear lights - £90 Red Seatbelts - £150 Clocks - £40 Rear Beam powder coated and Calipers/disc/pads - £150 Front axle powder coated - £80 Front Brake Calipers and Discs/pads - £100 Headlining all handles, sun visors, grab handle - £120 Engine (18k, AGU) with O2J Gearbox, driveshafts, custom loom, custom manifold - (To be sold last) Collection from Bournemouth, may post if really necessary
  2. I'm after a Lupo GTi with a 1.8T conversion. Preferably carried out by a reputable garage rather than a 'home brew' Must be roadworthy/drive and MUST be a GTi Thanks, James
  3. Still interested in seeing this, I spoke with you on the phone (James from Bournemouth) and since then lost your contact number and the gumtree advert disappeared. Please drop me a pm, I'd like to view and see if I can persuade you to let me take it off your hands as is Cheers James
  4. Hi mate, i'm in Bournemouth so not far. Would you sell me the passenger side sill/quarter panel/a-frame? Assuming no rust is on it or the underside of the sill. I think its all one single piece which is welded to the shell . Just bought a car with manky rust on this part!!
  5. I thought the sills were part of the entire quarter panel so you can't buy them separately? If its possible i'd much rather go that way as it would seem like a more complete job Thanks for the help btw
  6. If you are scream-ish look away!! Wheel arch to the right, remainder of jacking beam at the bottom: Looking down the sill, jacking beam on the right I think its going to need a fair bit of metal welded in to cover this gap!
  7. Ok so i've had a little go with a wire brush, the worst part is actually the dip behind the sill before it meets the jack beam/seam which isn't visible unless underneath the car. I have taken the arch liner out and see no obvious signs elsewhere of bubbling or rust Peeking through the hole it doesn't look like any of the inner panels have sign of rust either.
  8. Well the problem is the jacking seam itself is rusty and I suspect this where the rust has started? surely I need to remove what rust I can of it to stop any further spreading? I'll take some more photos tonight as I just took one of the worst of it (being the sill)
  9. Thanks guys, to be honest this is way beyond anything I have taken on before but on a positive note I may learn a thing or two along the way. Yes I'm peeved as it wasn't exactly cheap, and I struggle to see how anyone could miss this whether they were using the car or not (just a clean would highlight this!) but I blame myself for being a bit too trusting & not doing the usual checks. I suppose that's what 8 hours driving does to your judgement in the rain/cold! Buying from well known forum members has worked out well in the past and I knew it was a bit of a gamble (as in theory a non-runner). If I were to break it down I may be able to recoup the majority of my costs (I think) so its not the end of the world and I refuse to get too angry about it, life's too short. Sausage - if you know anymore about said car please PM me, as I said its a non-runner and if you suspect other problems i'd rather know about them sooner rather than spend good money after bad! I contacted a bodyshop today, but I'm fortunate enough to have a garage to work on the car out of the weather, I will follow your advice, so thanks for chipping in, wish me luck!!. I'll be getting some wire brushes and seeing how bad this really is!! Question - If I were to angle grind the jacking beam/seam would it risk the two panels separating? they look to meet at the jacking point and the last thing I want to do is remove any last support holding the panels together!!!
  10. Hi all, I just drove a 22 hour round trip to pickup a 1.8T converted Lupo GTI in the pouring wind/rain. The car is well known to the forum so i'm a little disappointed to find the underside in a right state (serves me right for not checking ) but from what I understand it has been left sat for sometime (years). The jacking points have been flattened with several dents to the sill itself. As a result rust has set in badly and the passenger side sill is showing bubbling under the paint in several places further up on the panel (from the exterior). As I understand it this panel cannot be replaced and is in fact part of the shell? is that correct? I have very little experience with rust especially to this level, i'll post up some pics shortly for comments, but i'd appreciate some advice on what to do. The car is awaiting a downpipe to get it moving so I can't get it to a bodyshop yet..but i'm expecting a hefty bill to resurrect.
  11. Shantybeater

    Lupo GTI

    After a lupo gti, 6 speed and any colour but silver. Needs to be mechanically sound and decent paintwork. Modified or un-modified Drop me a message if you have one going
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