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  2. Davee


    SOLD SOLD SOLD (this item has been sold) Lupo GTI for sale 51 plate (2002 registered) 108k miles Private reg included (R70LYX) 12 months MOT Since my ownership: Cambelt & water pump - 30/10/2018 @107242 miles NS inner CV joint - 23/11/2018 @ 107242 Clutch & reconditoned gearbox - 24/11/2018 @ 107243 Wheel allignment done (altough still slightly out due to coilovers) OSF Wheel bearing From the previous owner(s): Sills undersealed New bottom arms Polybushed front arm bushes Polybush Gearbox mount new alternator & belt Oil pressure switch changed Major service done in June 2018 using VW genuine parts Chrome door pins Rear end resprayed (touch up, not accident) New sidelight Power Steering pump NS Drive shaft replaced Rear Wiper delete Air con delete (faulty compressor) Upgraded speakers front and rear Wiring repairs in the boot and under bonnet Discs and pads changed all round. Receipts for almost everything carried out on the car. New prosport coilovers Bad points: Central locking is tempermental, Supposedly drivers door loom (still locks via key) Front bumper could do with a respray due to being badly done in the past. Slight squeaky noise from around OSF, Changed wheel bearing thinking it was that but it slowly came back so i'm thinking CV joint.
  3. Davee


    Bumping for price drop
  4. Davee

    Lupo GTI

    The project was to turn it into a show car. But as stated, I bought a house and I need the money for that. Who knew carpet would cost 4k
  5. Davee

    Lupo GTI

    I have this for sale ad up on club lupo
  6. Davee

    Lupo GTI

    I have a GTI for sale in the midlands. red. 3k.
  7. Davee


    England. Birmingham area
  8. Davee


    From what I know, it's not had an accident.
  9. Davee


    Edit: price drop
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