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  1. 1.4 s getting there....
  2. Hello mate , these still available ? Andrew
  3. I think that's around what I paid. Usually some offers on around Christmas where they give you some free credits for the apps. Adaptations and long coding are free with the pro version.
  4. Yes works perfectly. I was just surprised that there was anything I could change with OBDeleven on my 15 year old car. Did the chirp and selective locking come activated as standard on the GTi ?
  5. Thanks for the comments folks 😉
  6. I have had the OBD Eleven dongle for a couple of years and used it with great success on my Leon so I thought I'd give it a go on my 2004 Lupo to reset the service light ( after servicing ) While in there I did a bit of fishing around and was able to set Auto locking (above 5mph) where the doors lock, selective unlocking (depends how many times you press the button and also switch on an audible 'chirp' when locking and unlocking via remote. I know this is all available using VCDS but just thought I'd mention it's also possible with this device.
  7. Yeah I admit it....bit of detailing going on. It's sitting on a set of grey and polished 15 inch Borbet a's and I have a new set of Stance plus ultra coilovers to go in over the next few weeks.
  8. Here you go. Just did the Joey mod to the headlights and got a pair of SE tail lights so well pleased. I used a heat gun to do the Joey mod rather than heating the whole headlight and it worked a treat.
  9. Hello all Lupo and Arosa fans and owners. After my son got himself a Lupo and we started modding it I decided to take the plunge and bought a 1.4 16V S to play with. There's definitely something about these cars that just puts a smile on your face. I'm looking forward to the fun ahead. I'm also amazed with the knowledge that owners everywhere have on this forum and have already found it to be the go-to place for info and help. Thanks
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