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  1. my light came on last night n is still on taking to be looked at by a mate who has Vag-com tonight! but the car runs fine!
  2. Tune any Muse track is a winner too
  3. last two are always good to roll around to!! mine at the mo is Dj Hazard Machete http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLJ6hwsq624&
  4. "ham and pineapple or pepperoni pizza?"
  5. "Upside down, boy, you turn me Inside out, round and round Upside down, boy, you turn me Inside out, round and round and round"
  6. i could easily get 7 sec 0-60 with out really trying
  7. came down to running cost! and debt! so sold while i waas going to make some money on it! they are a sweet car to drive!
  8. Fraser-J

    polo gti

    What would I need to think about if I was to fit a polo gti engine
  9. is the GTi silver different from the sport silver?
  10. i tried to add my iphone to it today, and it turns out it does work! for some reason its a bit quiter than my ipod. but you can still surf the phone the same way you surf the pod
  11. i was told that there maybe some software coming out as ive got an Iphone n wanted a unit to work with it but there isnt anything yet, i was also told that the touch doesnt work either!
  12. yer will have to do that at some point simpo!
  13. My lupo as Standard hopfully not for long... colies already on there way n just choosing some Wheels now, not sure what to go for yet! Full Heated Leather:
  14. finally got my self in to gear and took some pics to day!
  15. mint, im looking for a Mk1 at the mo! somthing to play with
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