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  1. Favourite film as a kid was Little Monsters! If you aint seen it get it watched........although I havent seen it for many many years so may not be that good! lol Other than that I could watch 21 Grams, Four Rooms, Enemy at the Gate, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas to name but a few
  2. To be fair you can buy cheese with fruit in it already like wensleydale (sp?) with cranberry or apricots etc, so why is cheese with jam suh a strange combination?
  3. Is your stereo on when the whining occurs?? Could it be a bad earth?? Or is it not that type of whining noise
  4. Yeh you'll need wireless capability and subscription to Xbox Live
  5. No way thats my old car!!!!! good to see it's being given some special treatment!!! I'll be keeping my eye on this one
  6. Or find a couple of powerline adapters cheaper from somewhere you could use them to get online instead
  7. Not if you use this site and get a freephone number http://www.saynoto0870.com/companysearch.php Cant remember who originally posted the link to this site, but thank you very much its been useful ever since!!
  8. haha Partytown is my xbox live tag, you from there as well? Yeh thought that, they aint in any hurry to get it all done tho by the looks of it! lol
  9. Usually your bank balance will have an actual balance and then an available balance. I'd pay attention more to the available balance than actual balance as this usually takes into consideration any overdraft facility as well as pending payments which are yet to come out (however not all banks show remove pending payments from the available balance so be careful). If you can afford it then go for it, however I'd be 100% sure you can afford it before ordering as going over your overdraft limit can be costly!
  10. I know they just seem to be moving the road works further down that road, takes ages to get anywhere in the morning! I'm from Partington but living in Flixton at the mo, where you from?
  11. haha its far from clean I tell ya, been meaning to give it a good wash in months!
  12. Were you in the red lupo by any chance?? If so twas me
  13. Do you mean like how many extra aaaaaa's people put in there when they pronounce bath or grass?? definitely baff and grass oop norf
  14. The passenger side wiper has stopped working all together, which has been a bit annoying given the torrential rain were having today! I've not yet had chance to have a good look at it, but just wondered if this had happened to anyone else at all? The wiper arm moves freely so I'm assuming its come lose or something
  15. Another thing you have to remember is that the 0% period is likely to be 9 months or so and at the rate of £40 a month paying your overdraft off you'd be 6 months short. You'd then have to go through the balance transfer scenario again and incur a transfer fee again, but doing this time after time could also harm your credit rating. Best bet would be to call your bank each month and get them to reduce your overdraft limit by £40/50 or whatever you think you can afford, it'll be paid off in no time! Worse thing I ever did was get a credit card or loan, seem to have been paying them off forever, as you get into the habit of using money that isn't yours and promise yourself you'll pay it back when realistically you wont
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