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  1. Silver, I'm a member of many "General" forums already. Just seems a shame, that's all. Ruined for nothing. ClubLupo won't feel anything but worst for the removal of the forum.
  2. That community is dying. It's dead. I think it's time for me to count my posts and leave. Just seems a shame, I always enjoyed this forum. Was such a laugh but seems as if the Moderators and those at the top just didn't see it from that point of view. Edit: Online and Offline communities are very different. I mean "online" community when I speak. I've been an online gamer for many years and can realise when an "online" community is dying.
  3. It held the "ClubLupo" community together. Matter or less of the banter that went on inside of it.
  4. Please, I think everyone on the forum realised it was one reason this ClubLupo forum was so loved by a great majority of the forum. As a "car" forum I think the total hits this website will receive will diminish greatly. The social "scene" of it will vanish and the "community" spirit will dissipate altogether.
  5. I miss it. Bring it back. /sign petition.
  6. Aye, I got it. It's very good. Recommend it. And it's strategy not rpg.
  7. Some girl made me look like a **** in a club by pulling my chair from below me. She knew I was gay and didn't expect anything. I stood up and slapped her because I looked like a **** infront of loads of people. Should I apologise?
  8. Due to the fact the Universe is expanding and growing further and further apart supports the Big Bang theory. In Stephen Hawking's book the Pope talks to all the leading theoretical physicians and asks them not to delve into the "moment of creation" because that moment was "divine" or something along those lines. The LHC hasn't been fired up yet for the first collisions, so maybe when that happens, we'll know.
  9. I agree that what people do matters more than the man upstairs controlling it all. And I know that almost everyone on this forum does not believe in God because of the science world we all know nowadays. I don't believe in the Bible, I don't believe in the "God" that the Bible believes in, but surely all of us here must believe there is "something"? Even if it's science.
  10. Yes, it's in my original post. So you're saying that God is intentionally evil? Boyd'up -- http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/impotent The word is both used for describing a medical problem that males have and also lacking the power to do a certain task.
  11. I believe you're wrong. Impotent means both the lack of strength to do something and also in males defines lack of sexual arousal. Called impotence. And being omnipotent is having unlimited power which clearly someone who could not rid the world of evil would not have. Thus they are impotent.
  12. You know, you don't have to read my threads if you don't want to, or even post your **** into them. GTFO.
  13. If you believe in a "God" you would believe your "God" was wicked?
  14. 1. If a perfectly good god exists, then there is no evil in the world. 2. There is evil in the world. 3. Therefore, a perfectly good god does not exist.
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