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  1. Hey ude, still got that yellow bonnet available ?

  2. some sort of family outing?
  3. It was me that had a go at it ages ago. Just never finished it and scrapped that idea, but I say do it! someone needs to do this
  4. Been keeping a close eye on this, hats off to you mate, garage builds are never easy and seems like you have enough drive to push you to get out there working on it, always the hardest part lol. Loving the progress so far, keep it up dude
  5. One amazing loop! and thats only going by pictures, take my hat of to you for the amount of work and hours that have gone into this. Must have been a amazing feeling seeing it on stage knowing its your own hard graft that got it there. Yet again well done
  6. iam 10mins from there. Didnt even think it was still open?
  7. am i the only one who is missing something? 61k for a car a celeb has own. I just dont get it.
  8. yer i know it, iam from addiscombe! lol. and nar have a blue lupo, well i did, its a shell at the moment lol
  9. where you from mate? iam 5mins from the palace.
  10. i have a 21k 1.4 16v 75hp engine + gearbox, looms, clocks and keys for sale. Pm if you wanted to go ahead with it mate.
  11. oh iam guessing you are only after something then lol. i mean why else would you be talking lol. Also dont start, we look nothing alike! lol
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