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  1. Is a full tank 45lt total? So 38lt + 7lt reserve (light on) Just trying to figure out if full tank of diesel till light comes on is 38 or 45 lt? Cheers
  2. here ya go. not to my taste, and for £2000!!!
  3. luckily its just me and the girlfriend. got a while before kids lol, so enjoying it while i can. im sure there was something else added to 1 of them stages interior wise i think cant remember tho. i will post some pics up when i get it. in off topic or something.
  4. damn whats the offset, is that the et figure?
  5. how much you think i can get for the wheels. they only done 20 miles if that. cos we took them off after 1 drive as they made the car sluggish and rough handling compared to the standard, and have been sat in the cornor of the room since lol. got the 40 tyres which was an upgrade as oposed to the 45's. shame cos they set the car off...
  6. cool niceone mate! how come you dont got now? too thirsty?
  7. excellent thankyou very much philplop
  8. ya i think thats right. need to know holes centres and that stuff. dont want to sell them wrong you see. p.s nice hat!
  9. any one know which wheel this is? 17" with 205/40ZR17 Triangle Talon TR968 Tyres (Bought for a 54 Plate Polo GT130) need to know fitment size for this exact wheel if possible. This is the info on the inside of the rim. 17x7.5J ET35 H: N04 O29 O12 C: CA 18 2 neec to know all the other important stuff thanks
  10. i testdrove and 05 plate. so it was the prefacelift model. but it was so nice drive. seats suck you into them which is cool. And i like the facelift interior alot. haven't driven any lower models tho so can't compare. yeah i like a car that looks good pretty much standard. i wont change the rims as i love them. i just gotta lower it abit more, with the eibach spring set, as these are covered by the warranty. Adding a flexi pipe. but thats it for zaust. i dont like the huge loud look. standard suits me fine.
  11. yeah i neva really liked the fords till now to be honest like the focus ST is lovely too now. ive kinda fallen away from VW's to be honest. weve been thru a few in our house lol. 07 GT170 Golf, 54 Polo GT130, 04 Polo GT Black, 53 1.9 TDi, X Lupo 1.4S, H Reg Lovely Golf Gti (was Stunningly Done Up) im sure there was a few others too lol. fancied a change Yeah i like the feel when driving the ST. feels sturdy.
  12. forgot to add the best bit it has a big boot! lol
  13. ah ha the money lol. £13,800 - £2000P/X so £11,800k from Ford Dealer, they matched the price from coast2coastcars.co.uk. was looking at pre-reg and stuff but they didnt have as good spec and had between 3-13k on the clocks for 11k+ so went new, cos im fussy bugger lol
  14. Interior Upgrade officially consists of Nicer Floor Matts that are Partialy Coloured to the Paint. and the Interior Parts on the Dash are Silver/Aluminium Colour rather then the black. im pretty sure the gearstick is aluminium and leather too. ESP checks 150 times a sec that the car is behaving as it should, and a the first sign of deviation it restores stability in order to gain control again. and the reflex part is like a million airbags that go off all around you lol. bluetooth is fun. i can control CD, Radio, Climate Control and do phone calls all by voice lol (gotta love the gimmicks)
  15. cool. i had a bad experience with vauxhalls to be honest and it has put me off them. i had an 02 Corsa C SRi 1.8 in Black. was fun but needed things doing 1 after the other over the whole time i owned it unfortunatly. um off the top of my head. Bluetooth + Voice Commands Performance Blue Metallic Over the Top Stripes Side Stripes EATC Climate Control Interior Upgrade Pack Electric Folding Mirrors Auto Lighting Auto Wipers (Tech Pack the above 3) Privacy Glass ESP + Reflex Pack Woulda had the full leather with heated but the standard seats look so much sportier with the part leather and the blue cloth down the middle. am looking into getting them heated anyway as part leather. wont be here till july tho, which is a piss off. cos i am terrible at waiting for things lol
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