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  1. I had this same problem. ABS light would flash/Parking light indicator would flash and sound/power steering would randomly pack in/speedo starts whizzing all over the place. Finally got fed up when one morning it just wouldn't start. VW recovered it and the battery was completely flat (nothing had been left on). They replaced the battery - under warranty - but the new battery wouldn't hold its charge. They sent off reports to VW UK as they couldn't locate where the drain was coming from. Finally found out there was a naked section of wire in the passenger door or one that ran under that space I cant remember exactly. Anyways, since then I've had no problems. Touch wood!
  2. FOX12

    fuel flap?

    When I first took delivery of my Urban Fox (brand new) the cap was sitting proud so obviously I wasn't going to let them get away with it. Took over 2 months to sort. Something to do with them having to order a completely new part on back order? Think it was just bad workmanship anyway.....
  3. Mines just started doing this. After reading this thread I'm going to give them a ring in the morning. I seem to never leave the dealers arghhh
  4. Glad you got it sorted. Yeah I got it from Hayseldens. Personally reckon they're a load of sh*t for customer service though. Where abouts in Donny are you?
  5. I've just used a single din pocket in mine..paid about a quid for it. Never had any problems with rattling etc.
  6. Nope! Apart from a minor problem with my washer fuse about a year ago she's been faultless.
  7. 1.2 Urban 27000 miles Fairly standard still..living away at college ain't cheap! Sony CDX-GT929U Head Unit DB Audio T-Rex69.1 6 x 9 2-way Speakers In Phase XTB12L 12" 1400W Enclosure Can't remember which Pioneer amp i've got off the top of my head.. Hi to all the foxesssss
  8. Never had that problem, i reckon they're really quiet Nice Polo btw
  9. Looks lege..I'm very jealous, keep up the good work!
  10. FOX12

    My Foxx

    No need to shell out so much money guys! My head unit doesn't move/wobble/skip/rattle..anything! It's just a single din pocket lol!
  11. Cheeky! Me and a few mates go to Anglesey at some point every year, do loads of coasteering there..such a laugh! So i'd go as far as saying it isn't for pussy's but not neccessarily girls!!! Vicky
  12. There are cons with every car you buy, so i reckon f**k it, as long as you like your own car who caressssss?!! P.S. I know you're just comparing cars in terms of value
  13. FOX12

    Bump Strips

    Nice one, thanks a lot
  14. I've got a black Fox and just wondered what peoples views on removing the bump strips are? Worried about losing the paint underneath aswell..any way of preventing that or is it just luck? Vicky
  15. FOX12

    V123 DUB

    Went past you Saturday before last(16th i think??) M1 North just after Woodall services i think..i tried to slow down after i'd seen you but i went off onto the M18 just after. Loop looked well smart. Anyways i'm sure i've seen you on the forum somewhere!!??? Vicky
  16. Tell me about it! Ordered mine end of March last year, didn't actually get it till mid July! Cause i ordered side airbags of all things..
  17. Haha yeah my passengers give me a dodgy look when i say 'just slam it '
  18. FOX12

    My Foxx

    You just need a single din pocket. Dead cheap and you'll find your local ICE store has loads lying about, no need for a fascia or anything!
  19. FOX12

    My Foxx

    Pics of my Fox seeing as there's only a few people that have made a thread on theirs..nothing special done to it atm, slow but steady process haha! I'll update it regularly, or as quick as my wages come in! Also has a Sony CDX-GT410U head unit fitted with DB Audio T-Rex 69.1 stealthed on the parcel shelf(which are incredible btw minus the price tag) To come(in no order): Front mask(chrome)..see them on Passat's for an idea Alloys..not decided which ones yet Coilovers Front fog's Tints Vicky
  20. I forced mine out with some old keys but you can actually order them direct from your local VW, they're only about £2.50 i just couldn't be bothered to go pick mine up!! Hope that helps!
  21. I'm 18..thats young haha! I love the Fox but I can see myself getting rid soon as I'm piling the miles on, she's done over 10000 and she's an 07 reg! I'd love to stick with one but definitely need an upgrade :(
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