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    golf tdi fox 1.4 urban r5 turbo in bits at moment

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  1. i had this prob but took it back to vw they said its not uncommon and if you park it facing the sun it will dry out i kid you not this was the solution and it worked
  2. ive got an 09 plate and just had 4 yr service done at 56000 miles. in service book it only asks for the belt to be checked for wear which they did and it was ok, its only a diesel engine that needs changing at a certain milage ie 60k
  3. 31.90 euro and 13 euro postage and you can pay with paypal
  4. go to team heko website www.heko.pl/index.php?lang=en
  5. ive just recently had my 3yr major service done after the warranty work, by a local garage not vw btw, and since the oil, fuel and air filter has been replaced along with said plugs and coils the little fox is now zipping along. so i would recommend you change air and fuel filter if you can
  6. hi there, i recently had the similar prob with missfiring, took it back to vw, they replaced all plugs and coils under warranty (09 reg), they said it was 1st time they had to do this on a fox??. in answer to your question i would deffo reckon its your pencil coil at fault but you may need your fault codes resetting not sure
  7. the flashing light is only immobilisor, no alarm fitted, towing eyes are all same threads as lupo/polo
  8. i was quite interested till i saw the glass tailgate, its ugly just like my fox, why couldnt they just relaunch the loop and have done, then us fox owners wouldnt have to slope down behind the wheel and hide in embarressment when we spot a loop owner, haha
  9. finally sorted it, took it back to vw as its still under warranty, thought it was 2yrs not 3yrs, its the pencil coils apparently and they doin em for free, whey hey. ps sorry to djkylej for not replying i only seen ure post recently but thanks anyway
  10. gazzm

    L11POC gti

    the guy works at same place as me in runcorn, dont think hes on here though
  11. hi, any ideas, my 09 fox is missfiring and spluttering in the morn until it gets warmed up, its not 3 yr old yet shouldnt really have probs like this.....
  12. im sorry to say one bolt is for draining and the other retains something internally and needs a stripdown to rectify, i think it is part of the shift mechanism
  13. if me and the missis are going out in the fox we refer to it as "the bean tin", cant think why, hahaha............
  14. ive got em in my golf and fox, they are about 1" wide squarish plastic "holes" and they have an horizontal bar which is about 4mm in diameter running through them, . easiest way to make sure would be to nip in somewhere like halfords and ask em to have a look, hope this helps cheers
  15. gazzm

    fuel flap?

    got it done today, ha ha
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