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  1. HI, I have a VW Fox parcel shelf with JBL GTO500 6x9s professionally fitted. No wiring included. Looking for offers around £30.
  2. For sale - VW Fox 06 plate which has done 44,000 miles. The car has a part service service history. No Tax 6 Months MOT. 1 Lady owner from new 1.2 Litre Pioneer 2011 £200 stereo 6x9 parcel shelf 10 inch subwoofer - sounds immaculate! The car is is mechanically sound The body work in good condition. If I generate some interest in this I will post and give any more additional information that you may need
  3. Heyy we'll have less ...I had a fiddle with the sensor to try and get it working, the needle only moved slightly. Yeah i'll do that mate. Cheers.
  4. Fitted some 17's on my 06 Fox today, jacked up both the front and the rear, before this I had half a tank of petrol, then once I had finish I had gone to have one bar left, was concerned so I went and put another £10 in and the gauge still wouldnt move. Now it stays on 1/4 all the time anm the needle doesn't work Anyboy know where my problem lies? Thanks.
  5. Hiya mate would you sell the RCD 200 adaptor separetley from the head unit? cheers
  6. Yeah mine was from Hayseldens to, Im from Balby how about you?
  7. So ive moaned and groaned about my head unit being fitted...Which is now fitted thanks for your help The only problem now is that the speakers sound aweful....sometimes they sound good with decent bass then they crackle and go silent and it sounds terrible! Does anybody know what the problem is? I think its some connection somewhere but I'm not sure how to fix this? Can any one help? Thanks
  8. Thanks for your help everyone its been fitted
  9. And how does that work?....So you used the pocket underneath the radio and that works fine? A picutre would be a massive help if you wouldnt mind....Also ive seen your from Doncaster, did you get your VW from Hayseldens?
  10. Yeah im going to its anoying really because today is the only chance i get being back from Uni....I spoke to someone in motor world and he said something about ordering the toureg facia plate :S Everything else is ready to go in just need the right facia plate. Thanks for your help mate
  11. Hi everyone...new to the forum. Drive a red 06 Fox and I love it! Bit of a problem.....I bought this last week......... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=300388568737&ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT But the facia plate I got sent is too big for my car...does anybody know what facia plate I need? Any help would be greatly appretiated
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