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  1. I have just traded it in for another car, and believe me, I have had so many arguments with Arnold Clark, but they are useless beyond belief. In the end I completely gave up with them, I wasn't going to argue with a bunch of morons. I never actually realised how bad they were till I did some research and found out just how many people are unhappy with the service. At least I've learned a lesson and I can move on now. I was just curious as to whether I had bought a faulty car or if all Fox's were the same.
  2. Yeah, it is a cheap car......but I expect more from a car that has VW name on it....there is no forgiveness for this poor excuse of a car...cheap or not!! I've never bought a so called "cheap" car before, so I'd be interested to know if all small cars have such problems.
  3. I bought my 1.4 Urban fox 2 years ago and had high expectations of it...but it really let me down and now I just think they are cheaply built cars in a shoddy Brazillian factory, and I've read that they go to Germany to have their final checks but i don't believe that for one minute, because I'm sure if they did the Germans would be so ashamed of them they wouldn't be allowed to leave the country!! I only had my fox for 3 weeks when it started flooding through the drivers door, it turns out that some foxes were made with faulty door seals, mine was one of them, and after much fighting with Arnold Clark (don't even get me started on them!!!) they replaced it, which did no good, so I fixed it myself with a tube of glue!! Since then I have lost count of the number times that the boot has broken. It must be at least 5, I'm not kidding and i'm now at the stage where I won't open it, I just leave it closed because I know it's bound to break again. The worst time was when all my food shopping was in the boot, so I managed to get it opened with the key after a struggle, and then when i tried to close it, it jammed and my hand made a huge dent in body work!! Seriously, even the bodywork specialist was shocked my hand could do such damage to it!! I'm no Mr. Muscle!! In the last year the wind screen wipers have stopped working, the drivers seat sometimes won't pull forward and the breaks shudder constantly when I am stopping and it feel like I'm going to skid. Apart from that I find it's really bumpy and sways on the motorway even when there is no wind!! For the first few months I owned it i was permanently angry, and felt cheated because i thought I was buying a quality VW. I still feel annoyed, but you know what, I've come to accept that it isn't a proper VW, it's just a cheap piece of trash. The idea for it was great, I love the size and it is nippy as long as I'm not going up a big hill. I say the fox should be made in Germany, by proper German car makers, who take pride in their work. Build it with good quality material and then you'll have a great car which can rival the Lupo. Until then Noddy can have his toy town car back, I'm off to buy a car made for adults!!
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