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  1. My fox is doing the same, have to keep pressing the open button till it eventually does it
  2. I found it very easy to upgrade front speakers and didnt need to drill out any rivets, i just solderd the wires into the connector that was already their. As for the rear speakers i used the same mk5 golf connectors, but i only removed half the door card, i then added 6x9's and just soldered them to the connectors again.
  3. lol im fully comp on 2 cars with 2 named drivers and im only £600 for the year on admiral multi car, got a fox and a fully modded clio
  4. can anyone tell me what kind of bolt it is that holds the front seats down in the fox?
  5. thats the wheels i want, seen them on an astra in last months fast car
  6. got a set of corbeau buckets for my fox, just need to figure out how im gonna fit them now lol
  7. lol tell me about it, what would u do about that bonnet bit?
  8. finally found it lol http://www.madmotors.co.uk/bodykits-spoilers-14000/car-grills/vw/auto-style-volkswagen-fox-05.html
  9. i have fli active 12" in my car awsome quality for the money
  10. try the lupo posts lol
  11. im not sure how to get picture up, if someone can tell me ill do it
  12. just painted the red gti stripe on my grill, looks ****in fantastic!
  13. if anyone is looking for these adaptors the code for them is PC2-807, just google it
  14. just bought some rear lights from www.speedculture.co.uk
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