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  1. i didnt.. but id recommend you have it looked at regularly.. i didnt get it done last time i got new tyres and they lasted about 2000 miles.. since that ive had some new tyres and tracking done and theyve done 10000 already and still going good.. better safe than sorry..
  2. hey guys... sorry i havnt updated on here for a while.. winters been and gone now so ive got the heat to tickle my car with..? took the rear adjusters out today.. i might put the front a bit lower tho.. what do you think? sorry its such a bad picture...
  3. Sorry just seen your driving a fox not to worry.

  4. Hi there! 

    I was wonder if you would be interested in joining us at the Bromley pageant this year on a VW Lupo stand its on the 12th June 2011?

    Please let me know

    Thank you for reading


  5. cant embed photos with flickr anymore :S
  6. sorry i havn't been on here in ages! hope you're all well new pic of my car.. im thinking banded steelies next.... and the rear adjusters are coming out... http://www.flickr.com/photos/ermmurray/5142083743/ flickr thoughts? Ed
  7. wouldn't advise going more than 50mm with springs, i'm pretty sure you can't get them anyway.. coilovers are pretty much the only option im afraid to say:/ mine cost 500 including fitting.. steep eh!
  8. haha -sarcasm- the lowest form of wit
  9. haha thats my bros new toy... (yeah hes 18...) maybe he'll let me try the wheels out for a day.. dont think theyd fit on tho... i was thinking about getting something small and deeep... i probably will go lower tbh.. my driveway has so many potholes on atm tho... so i think ill wait a month till theyve fixed them...
  10. alright well i was just excited and anxious because i had never done anything like this before so i just though it might be a bit comforting to ask you guys what you thought.. fair enough? lets not fight.. go on the fox section and tell me what you think of my car..
  11. RIGHT>>> here we go... i finally had it lowered, although they will still go down another couple of inches and thats with the rear adjuster and helper spring... its sooooo much nicer to drive now.. seriously if any of you fox owners can afford to do it i highly recommend doing it... im getting over bumps no problem although i have been taking it easy and slow.. it corners a dream.. it did before when it was on stilts so you can imagine how good it is now... let me know what you think of the height etc.. i know all you dubbers are gonna tell me to go lower and i probably will.. but for now i think its fine.. wheels next.. coilovers cost : £430 (fk highsport.. good ones, venom motorsport) fitting: £80 (i know a guy...)  Ed Murray, on Flickr
  12. Well im sorry I ever asked.. It was only to get a rough idea of what I should be paying because the garages can see people like myself don't really have a clue so they can get away with charging what they want.. I thought this forum was supposed to be a community of people with similar interests who were willing to help others..
  13. cheers for everyones help.. went down to a place today and its being done tmo... £20 per shock so £80 for the lot.. then i guess tracking and all that on top will be about £120... seems like an expensive hobby but im pretty sure itl be worth it in the end... also... i did have a look myself.. took the rear shock off and it looks pretty easy to do those.. just the fronts look alot harder.. for example the top mounts sit underneath the plastic sill in the engine bay which would be hard for a noob to get to.. and the bolts are deep down inside the mount and i dont have a socket long enough that can fit an allen key down... but its booked in so should all be fine.... if you wanna see pics of it after its lowered ive got a running thread HERE... apart from that rude guy.. your not allowed.
  14. yea i could do it myself.. on the front tho the (excuse technical term) bit that the shock sits in.. the bolt is a weird star type allen key tool that i dont have... what will i need doing (which is important) if i d.i.y. it? any to the other guy... i was trying to get some impartial advice so you can suck it.
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