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  1. Right I’ve located the plug now can anyone shed some light as to how it bloody unclips?! I’ve got the air box off for access but can’t get it to unclip for the life of me!
  2. It’s 195/45/15 you want. Have a look at demon tweeks ebay store. They’re doing 4 Tokyo’s for £134 ATM
  3. Looking good. Interested to hear if you get any rubbing from those tyres
  4. Watched a few, It’s pants tbh.
  5. Could someone be so kind as to point out where the breather heater is so I can disconnect as it looks like I have the same fault. Have not N80 & N205 faults & fise 30 5A dude popped.
  6. Have to say it’s well made, you’ve a nack for it! Disagree about vw’s boring future with a shot of an up GTI. Have you driven one? They’re a hoot!
  7. Bems


    Whats the price for the bbs?
  8. Bems


  9. For info the set I have are a different no to the ones above but fit spot on
  10. Sorry mate they’re keepers. Sure it was ebay.de I found them on but was a few years back
  11. No issues used plenty in the past but been a while now. Several people on another forum had suggested that TPS had tightened the rules regarding non trade enquiries/sales. Suggested it was because VW wanted more direct trade.
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